Greenbrier Resort Hotel

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    Greenbrier Exterior

    Classic exterior architecture and unique interior design are part of what make The Greenbrier a one-of-a-kind resort destination. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The Greenbrier Resort Hotel is a National Historic Landmark and true American treasure. The award-winning resort is located on 6,500 acres in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia.

    A four-seasons, all-purpose resort, The Greenbrier is the place to pursue your passions. Those who savor gentle pursuits can indulge in spa services, afternoon tea, and visit the on-site shops and art colony.

    Play tennis or swim in any season; there are indoor and outdoor facilities. Golf and fly-fishing also draw fans. Want heart-pounding thrills? Go kayaking, mountain biking, and try your (well-protected) hand at falconry.

    The Greenbrier features an elegant formal dining room, steakhouse, and casual cafe -- and its own in-house chocolatier.

    The Greenbrier's latest addition is the Tavern Casino, where gamblers can play blackjack, roulette, and three-card poker games as well as slots. But it's no gamble you'll have the time of your life here.

    The Greenbrier, set amidst 6,500 acres, has a strong...MORE resemblance to the White House in Washington, DC.

    Many United States presidents, members of Congress, and other VIPs have visited The Greenbrier. In fact, during the Eisenhower era, under the specter of nuclear war, tunnels were dug and a bunker built. It was big enough to accommodate the President and every member of Congress and stocked to provide for them for a lengthy stay underground. Tours of the bunker now are open to hotel guests and the general public.

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    Greenbrier Entrance

    The voluminous Greenbrier actually counts 10 lobbies with comfortable seating areas, but this is the one where guests register. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    From the entrance it's a few steps down to the lobby.

    The colorful floral rug and black-and-white checkerboard floor and striped archway beyond hint at The Greenbrier's unique decor.

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    Seating Area by Dorothy Draper

    Upholstered chairs covered in a bold floral design are a Draper trademark. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    One of many seating areas in The Greenbrier, this intimate space pleases the eye with its symmetrical layout and color palette.

    Here's a name to remember when thinking about The Greenbrier: Dorothy Draper. A true original, Dorothy Draper was an interior designer with a passion for color, flowers, and grand but not stuffy design. Her legacy remains alive throughout The Greenbrier, perhaps the pinnacle of her life's work.

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    Greenbrier Hallway

    Pink and green were Dorothy Draper's favorite colors to work with, and she uses them in many ways in The Greenbrier. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The hallway in the Main Building of The Greenbrier contains room after room, and each of the sitting rooms and lobbies has a unique design.

    Part of the delight of being a guest at The Greenbrier is wandering through the high-ceilinged rooms of the Main Building and discovering nooks and corners that delight the eye and invite a stay.

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    Ladies Room at The Greenbrier

    This ladies room is closest to the main dining room at The Greenbrier. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Even the public restrooms at The Greenbrier, of which there are many, are decorated with a flourish.

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    Indoor Swimming Pool

    The indoor swimming pool at The Greenbrier is located near the spa. It has its own changing room and shower. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The Greenbrier has both an indoor swimming pool and a large outdoor swimming area that is open during the warm months.

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    Spa Relaxation Room

    In addition to the relaxation room stocked with fresh fruit and beverages, the Greenbrier Spa also has a charming shop. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Even the relaxation room outside the Greenbrier Spa has benefitted from the Dorothy Draper design touch.

    For more than 230 years, guests have been drawn to The Greenbrier's sulfur springs. The natural benefits of the minerals in the water are the heart of The Greenbrier Spa experience.

    In pristine treatment rooms, Greenbrier Spa technicians perform facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures.

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    Greenbrier Retail Shops

    The flower shop at The Greenbrier not only supplies bouquets to the hotel but also prepares bridal bouquets and other wedding flowers. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Given that the Greenbrier is in a fairly remote location, the hotel is well stocked with both luxuries and necessities.

    The two shops at The Greenbrier that seduce the senses most are Gillespie’s Flowers shop and The Candy Maker chocolatier.

    The following shops are located on the lower level of the Main Building:

    • The Greenbrier Shoppe - signature merchandise, sportswear, gifts, books, newspapers, magazines, tobacco products, and more.
    • Schwabe-May at The Greenbrier - women's wear
    • Checks - traditional men’s clothing and accessories, with much Burberry in stock
    • Greenbrier Gourmet Shoppe - delights cooks and gourmet
    • The Jeweler
    • Art Colony Gallery
    • Salon Vivace - hair styling
    • Kate's Mountain Outfitters - Orvis and other outdoor apparel
    • Spa Shoppe
    • Yarid's - shoes
    • My Sister's Circus - kids' toys and clothing
    • Wicket's - women's wear
    • Polo Ralph Lauren
    • Carleton Varney Gift Gallery - decorative items
    • Greenbrier Home
    • Greenbrier Photography Studio
    • Perfect Image - makeup and perfume

    Shops...MORE elsewhere on the property (complimentary transportation is available from the Main Entrance):

    • Golf Pro Shop at the Golf Club
    • Tennis Shop at the Tennis Club
    • Christmas Shop at the Depot

    The Art Colony
    If you enjoy collecting unique, one-of-a-kind works of art, visit the Art Colony, a short walk from the Main Building. Different shops display hand-painted furniture, Americana, leather bags, mixed media, dollhouses, brass-and-stone items, pottery, and wearable art.

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    Spring Row Guest House Bedroom

    Spring Row Guest Houses feature a separate bedroom and living room. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The Greenbrier offers guests a variety of accommodations. Located on a hill, one-bedroom Spring Row Guest House suites are great for couples.

    You can walk to the Main Building from Spring Row Guest Houses or call the front desk to send transportation.

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    Spring Row Guest House Bathtub

    Don't forget to pack bubble bath!. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    It's always a pleasure to stay in a resort where the bathtub is big enough for two, as is this oval one.

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    Romantic Turndown

    I must confess, when I happened upon this, I at first thought someone had arrayed potato chips on our bed. Red roses make a better impression!. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    After dinner, return to your room and you may find a heart made of flower petals on your bed.

    The Greenbrier offers a Anniversary/Honeymoon Package that includes fresh flowers, Greenbrier chocolates, champagne, a gift and, if available, upgraded accommodations.

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    Fireplace in Spring Row Guest House

    A restful and romantic spot awaits by the fireplace. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    It gets cold in the mountains at night, and although the accommodations are heated, Spring Row Guest Houses also have a working fireplace.

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    Traditional Room

    Located in the Main Building, the room features a king-size bed and spacious sitting area.

    Even a traditional room benefits from the Dorothy Draper design touch.

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    Consider taking a horse-drawn carriage ride to explore more of The Greenbrier. Your driver and buggy will pick you up here. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Part of the pleasure of staying at The Greenbrier is exploring the vast property. Much of it is beautifully landscaped; even more has been left wild.

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    Horseback Riding at The Greenbrier

    Group trail rides, private guided rides with a groom, and horseback riding lessons can be arranged. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Prefer to take the reins yourselves? The Greenbrier's Equestrian Center can set you up with an English saddle, helmet, and trusty steed.

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    Creek at The Greenbrier

    At wider and deeper creeks, guests of The Greenbrier go fly-fishing. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    In every direction at The Greenbrier, visitors find serene landscapes.

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    Tennis Courts at The Greenbrier

    Is golf your game? The Greenbrier keeps three championship courses well groomed, and duffers can improve their swing at the Golf Academy and unwind at Slammin' Sammy's sports bar or Sam Snead's restaurant. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The Greenbrier features five Har-Tru outdoor courts, five Deco-Turf indoor courts, and pro shop. Private lessons and clinics are held daily.

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    Springhouse at The Greenbrier

    More than a vacation, a visit to The Greenbrier serves to remind couples of the balms and pleasures of life. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The place where it all began, the Springhouse marks the spot where people have since 1778 come to bathe in the healing waters of White Sulphur Springs.