Fun Things to Do in Green River and Rock Springs Wyoming

Activities and Attractions in and around Sweetwater County, WY

Classic Western scenery, fascinating wildlife, and interesting history make the area in and around Green River and Rock Spring, Wyoming, a fun getaway for families, history buffs, and nature lovers. The region's open prairies, winding rivers, sand dunes, and rocky canyons make for scenic driving tours or road trips. The miles-long Flaming Gorge Reservoir is a gorgeous playground in every season. You'll find tons of interesting historical attractions in the area, which played an important role in America's westward migration.
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    Photo of Wild Horses in Flaming Gorge Area of Wyoming
    ••• Wild Horses in Flaming Gorge Area of Wyoming. source: iStockphoto
    Herds of wild horses, of both Spanish and American heritage, roam the lands around Green River and Rock Springs. Travelers with a sturdy, high-clearance vehicle can enjoy viewing the horses while driving the Pilot Butte Wildhorse Scenic Loop, which provides the opportunity to view not only the wild horses but other wildlife along with gorgeous Wyoming scenery. Much of this route follows gravel roads. Those who don't care to drive on rough back roads can visit the BLM wild horse viewing area in Rock Springs.
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    Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area on the Green River, in Utah.
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    Beginning just south of Green River and Rock Springs and extending south past the Wyoming-Utah border, the Flaming Gorge NRA is comprised of a huge reservoir along the Green River and the surrounding lands. The scenic gorge is perfect for both water and land recreation, providing abundant opportunity for fishing, boating, camping, hiking, OHVs, and horseback riding. Numerous recreation guides and outfitters are available to take you on your adventure of choice and/or to provide you with gear and transportation. The wildlife and scenery of Flaming Gorge can also be experienced on a scenic driving tour, circling the reservoir via Wyoming Highway 530 and US Highway 191.
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    Th dry shrub prairie and wet river ecosystems protected by the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge are home to a long list of wildlife that includes sage grouse, Western meadowlarks, moose, pronghorn, badgers, and golden eagle. Migrating waterfowl stop by at various times during the year. These travelers include Trumpeter swans, ducks of all kinds, and leggy shorebirds. Visitors to this wildlife refuge can tour the Seedskadee Environmental Education Center, paddle a length of Green River, take an auto tour that parallels the river, or walk the trail network.

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    Killpecker Dunes
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    The Killpecker Sand Dunes are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. While portions of the dunes area are highly-protected wildlife habitat, some areas are open for recreation. The hills of sand provide great fun for off highway vehicles (OHVs) of all kinds. Hiking and horseback riding are other popular activities.
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    Housed in the stately, gorgeous structure that served as Rock Springs' original city hall, this local history museum displays exhibits that include artifacts from its collection and also provides space for special exhibits. The focus is on such local history as the coal mining industry, Butch Cassidy, and the people and institutions of the community's past and present.
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    Part art museum, part performance venue, the Community Fine Arts Center in Rock Springs hosts a variety of exhibits, shows, concerts, and special event throughout the year. The Center's permanent art collection includes works by many prominent American artists, including Norman Rockwell and Grandma Moses. Different art exhibits and workshops fill the Community Fine Arts Center's calendar, along with music, dance and theater.
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    Day Trips from Green River and Rock Springs

    Landscape , Fossil Butte National Monument , Wyoming
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    Fossil Butte National Monument
    This region near Wyoming's western border is rich in fossils and interesting geology. One the site of a vast lake, the remaining sediments at Fossil Butte continue to reveal ancient fish, birds, insects, and plants. You should start your Fossil Butte adventure at the visitor center, where you'll see hundreds of fossils on display along with informative films and hands-on activities. Trails within the National Monument provide the opportunity to get out and observe the region's unique geology and local wildlife. Another fun option is to take the 7.5-mile scenic driving tour, which has wayside interpretive exhibits.

    Fort Bridger Historic Site
    Fort Bridger, established as a fur trading post in 1843, was an important stop along America's pioneer trails, including the Mormon, California, and Oregon Trails. That history, as well as the fort's era as a military facility, are preserved at this historic site that is now a part of the Wyoming State...MORE Parks system. During your visit you can tour restored and reconstructed buildings, view the fort's archaeological activity, and spend time learning more about Fort Bridger at the museum. The annual ​Fort Bridger Rendezvous is one of the largest mountain man festivals in the US.

    Bear River State Park
    This lovely day-use park has a network of paved and dirt trails that are popular for hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. The park also keeps a small captive herd of bison and of elk.