Green Globe Certified Hotels and Attractions in the Caribbean

Ladera Resort in St Lucia

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The Caribbean’s great beauty is also very fragile, and the islands and waters of this popular tourism destination are highly threatened by climate change and other environmental problems. Warming ocean waters and pollution have devastated many Caribbean coral reefs, rising sea levels threaten low-lying islands, and overuse of resources presents obvious challenges on islands with limited ways to dispose of garbage -- much of it generated by tourists.

Fortunately, some travel and tourism companies in the Caribbean are taking the issue seriously by making their operations more environmentally sustainable. Hotels and attractions in 83 countries worldwide have been granted Green Globe certification for sustainability efforts that take into account the major environmental challenges facing the planet, including the greenhouse effect, water conservation, destruction of biodiversity, solid and biological waste, and corporate social responsibility.

Part of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Green Globe is supported by the United Nations Foundation. More than 75 resorts and attractions in 20 Caribbean nations have either been awarded Green Globe or are currently undergoing certification. To get certified, Caribbean hotels and attractions have made changes such as:

  • Using solar rooftop heaters for all hot water needs
  • Getting water from desalinization plants
  • Using salt-based pool purification systems rather than chlorine
  • Composting waste and raising their own vegetables for restaurant use
  • Purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables grown locally and organically
  • Incorporating native plants into landscaping
  • Using energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Putting outside lights on timers
  • Turning off air conditioners when rooms aren't occupied

Resorts With Green Globe Certification

Lots of hotels offer similar rates and amenities, but if you want to help preserve the beauty of the Caribbean so your kids and grandkids can enjoy it, too, choose one of these hotels and attractions that have made a serious commitment to a greener planet.

Antigua and Barbuda






British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands


Dominican Republic



The Mexican Caribbean


Puerto Rico

Saint Lucia

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Turks and Caicos

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