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Dare to Get Bare in Greece

Nude Beaches in Greece

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Nude beaches are abundant in Greece. There are many Greek islands with known or semi-"official" nude beaches. While in practice any secluded stretch of Greek sand may be a nude beach at times, those who have been bare there before attest that some stretches of beach are more nude-friendly than others. Even if you've never been to a nude beach before, you'll find that the sea, the sun, and incredible natural beauty of Greece makes it easier to go au naturel.

If you're a complete beginner, you may appreciate tips on How to Visit a Nude Beach in Greece.

What's Missing from Greek Nude Beaches? Greeks!

Don't expect to see many Greeks joining you in the nude - though the classical statuary is naked, few Greeks have acquired the nude beach habit. Most of your beach mates will also be travelers. A nude beach means just that - a place where full nudity is acceptable or at least tolerated. Throughout Europe, you'll find that sunbathing topless for women is widely accepted - something that may jolt some visitors to non-nude beaches.

Nude Beaches in Greece and the Greek Islands

Here is a quick list of islands with known nude beaches in Greece and the Greek islands.

The majority of nude beaches in Greece are on the islands. You can find Paradise in Mykonos as well as several other internationally famous nude beaches. You'll find many nude beaches clustered in Southwestern Crete along the remote sections of the coast, including Marmara, Sweetwater (Glykanera, Glyko Nero), Preveli, Red Beach, and Kommos.

Crete is also home to the sole "official" nudist resort, the deluxe Hotel Vritomartis at Filaki Beach and a nude apartment complex, the Kalo Kairi.

Nude beaches on the Greek mainland and in the Peloponnese, while not impossible to find, are much rarer.

More Resources on Nude Beaches in Greece

The King - or at least the Captain - of nude beaches in Greece is Cap't Barefoot, who carefully monitors the state of nude beaches throughout Greece, either personally or with continuous reports from hundreds of informants.

It makes for fun reading even if you're not planning a trip.

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