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May - Akroterion, Mystic View Taverna, Crete, Greece
••• May - Akroterion, Mystic View Taverna, Crete. deTraci Regula

When are you planning to go to Greece? July and August are the busiest months, but they also have the most frequent transit schedules to more remote Greek islands. The weather is good in Greece by most standards from April into October, with temperatures warm enough for swimming from mid-May through September.

After a brisk start with New Year's and Epiphany, the rest of January is cool and quiet.

Don't forget about the ski season!

In some years, Carnival season begins in February, which can liven up the month considerably.

Carnival celebrations usually start and early spring rains bring wildflowers.

In April, the weather improves throughout Greece, while prices stay low. It may be too chilly for all but the most ardent swimmers, though.

One of my favorite months - inexpensive and crowd-free.

Combining the best of spring with warmer summer temperatures, and still a bargain.

July is hot in all senses - hot weather, hot parties and high prices.

August is another hot, busy month in Greece. Feast of the Assumption on the 15th tangles travel.

September is another great month for the budget-minded, independent traveler and the weather holds up well.

Warm weather lingers most years into the first half of the month while prices fall.

Cool, mostly clear weather and a truly "Greek" Greece.

Trips to smaller islands take special planning.

Cool weather and picturesque holiday celebrations fill December nights in Greece.

Like most tourist destinations, the seasons in Greece are not just Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. For the traveler, the seasons break down a little differently.


The "Off-Season" in Greece

While Greek tourism officials fight against the concept that there is ever an "off-season" in Greece, tourism tumbles from November through March. Expect low prices, but many island and coastal resorts will be closed, and transit schedules will also be at a minimum, making it harder to get around quickly.


Shoulder Seasons in Greece

The "Shoulder Seasons" are great for bargain hunters and those who like to avoid the peak crowds. April, May and early June count for the spring shoulder season; in fall, it's mid-September through October.

High Season in Greece

Also the name of a favorite movie shot in Greece, the "High Season" consists of the months of July and August - highest prices, best travel schedules, biggest crowds, and sweltering temperatures. The August 15th festival of Mary confuses travel schedules for the days preceding and immediately following the feast.


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