Greece in September

Travel tips, holidays, and special events in Greece

Santorini, Greece
••• Santorini plays host to a popular music festival each September. Linda Garrison

September travel to Greece is the best of all worlds - lighter crowds, lower prices, pleasant weather and a full slate of events and attractions.

Most tourists will find attractions open until the last part of the month, less crowded. Transportation schedules start to cut back about September 15. A few places on the islands will close at the end of the month, and activities for children start to wane as the school year begins.

Here's where to go and what to do if you're visiting Greece in September.

September Festivals in Greece

The Athens or Hellenic Festival, including the Epidaurus Festival, have in the past continued through mid-September. 

The film world descends on Athens for the annual Athens International Film Festival. Considered one of the world's most eclectic film festivals, this event will offer something for everyone, from mainstream foreign commercial successes to undiscovered gems.

September is also the beginning of the Repositioning Cruise Season. This is when many cruise lines offer some great discounts getting their European vessels over to the Caribbean for the winter season. Compare prices on a cheap flight to Greece, then find a leisurely, luxurious discounted cruise back across the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Religious Observances in Greece in September

September 8 is Genisis (or Genesis) tis Panagias, the birthday of the Virgin Mary.

Every church in Greece will commemorate the day; those named for the Panagia will have a particularly picturesque feast open to all. 

Here's a list of other religious feast days observed in Greece in September:

  • September 1:- Name Day for Simeon
  • September 3 - Name Day for Anthimos
  • September 8 - Nativity of the Theotokos
  • September 9 - Name Day for Joachim
  • September 11 - Name Day for Evanthia
  • September 14 - Feast of the Holy Cross
  • September 14 - Name Day for Stavros
  • September 15 - Name Day for Nikitas
  • September 16 - Name Day for Efimia
  • September 17 - Saint Sophia; Name Day for Sophia, Agapi, Elpida
  • September 18 - Name Day for Ariadne
  • September 20 - Name Day for Efstrathios
  • September 23 - Name Day for Xanthippe, Polyxenia
  • September 24 - Name Day for Thelda
  • September 25 - Name Day for Efrosini, Euphrosyne
  • September 27 - Name Day for Zeno
  • September 29 - Saint Kyriacos; Name Day for Kyriakos

September Music Festivals in Greece

In Crete, the Labyrinth Musical Workshop run by local musician Ross Daly offers classes and events through early September in the village of Houdetsi, south of Heraklion. It's an amazing experience of Cretan and world music, in a restored traditional mansion.

On Santorini, there is the International Music Festival and a number of other cultural events which keep the island busy straight through the month.

Other festivals in Greece in September include:

  • Santorini - Thira - International Music Festival
  • Athens - Athens International Film Festival. September - Grape Harvesting in the Mani region.
  • Greek Song Festival in Thessaloniki
  • Thessaloniki - International Trade Fair and associated events.
  • Messolongi - Lord Byron Poetry and Art festival
  • Kos - Wine Festival
  • Corinth - Grape festival
  • Pidni (near Katerini) - Grape Festival
  • Ambelona near Larissa - Wine Festival
  • Karpathos - Amopi/Lasto - Wine Festival.
  • September 1-15 - Thessaloniki - Anhiolos Wine Festival
  • September 1 - Ecclesiastical New Year. (Does not affect travel.)
  • September 1 to 10 Livadia - Trophonia - Cultural events
  • End of September - Kythira - Myrtiodiotissa Monastery festival
  • Last Weekend of September - European Heritage Days - free museum and site admissions