Tips for Visiting Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls - Great Wolf Lodge Visitor Tips

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls is part of the Great Wolf Resorts, Inc. chain of family-friendly lodges famous for its waterparks.

After visiting the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, I compiled this list of tips that I think will improve the quality of your stay. These tips derive from a stay in Niagara Falls but many will apply to any Great Wolf Lodge.

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Be Specific in Your Room Reservation

All guest suites either overlook the parking lot or the waterpark (at least at the Niagara Falls location). A waterpark view room doesn't cost more but you must specify you want one when you book.

Arrive Early and/or Stay Late

The waterpark is available exclusively to lodge guests from 1 pm on the day of check-in until 10 pm the day of check-out. To get the most bang for your buck, arrive by 1 pm and/or stay to enjoy the park the day you check out.

Bring Cover-ups but Don't Bring Extra Towels

A lot of time is spent going back and forth from the waterpark to your room. Having a cover-up or two that are easy to slip on and off is handy. However, lodge towels are readily available, so no need to bulk up your suitcase with your own.

Bring Aqua Shoes

For safety and hygiene, bring aqua shoes (the kind that fit right over your feet and won't fall off).

Bring In-Room Entertainment for Younger Kids

There's plenty to do at Great Wolf Lodge, but when we were in our room for quiet time, we were surprised that out of 30 movies, none were appropriate for 4 and 5-year-olds. Plus, the rooms don't have VCRs or DVD players. Consider bringing some books, games or your own DVD player.

Older kids will have an easier time staying amused with in-room movies more age-appropriate and an arcade in the lodge. Kids 14 and over can go to the waterpark on their own.

Bring Food

Although the food at Great Wolf Lodge is good and not outrageously priced, two or three meals for a family per day adds up. Guest suites all have a microwave and refrigerator. We treated ourselves to dinner at the restaurant but ate a healthy lunch and snacks in our room.

Get the Daily Listing of Events at the Front Desk

At check-in, ask for a list of all the day's events. We weren't given one and had a tough time getting consistent information about what was going on. There's plenty to keep you busy throughout the day, including educational walks around the lodge for the kids and story time.

Don't Miss Story Time at 8 pm

Put the kids in their jammies and get down to the front lobby for 8 pm. Story time is done with enthusiasm and a sense of humor. Watch the kids' eyes grow wide as the animals come to life.

Destroy or Take Away Your Wristband When You Leave

This could be rumor or something that rarely happens, but it seems to make sense. The wristbands that guests wear during their stay can be used to charge goods and services to their credit card, so just to be perfectly safe, take the wristband with you when you leave and don't be careless about leaving it around.