7 Great San Francisco and Bay Area Blogs

We all have our reflexive favorites -- the San Francisco blogs we bounce back to every day. This list includes 10 personal favorites, covering the spectrum from Muni hassles to restaurant reviews to photographic essays of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

There's no bias in the order here unless you'd like there to be -- just numbers folks. If you're a newcomer, these sites and blogs are a good place to get some local bearings as you explore the nuances of San Francisco and environs.

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    Part of the Gothamist network, and edited by daily contributor Jay Barmann, SFist blogs everything from news, entertainment and sports -- to more esoteric local coverage, photos of the day, Muni meltdowns, and "Day Around the Bay" roundups. SFist definitely has a POV, and it tends to skew sardonic. It's a great window on the macro and micro elements of the city -- a good place to start your surf.

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    Part of the Curbed network, Eater SF keeps everyone in the loop on notable openings and closings in the restaurant realm -- not to mention the in-progress construction photos of restaurants to be. The site is devoted exclusively to the topic of San Francisco eats. And, they accept tips and gossip from residents in the know about their own neighborhoods.

    See Curbed SF, on the same network, for local neighborhood and real estate discussion.

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    Laughing Squid is among my favorites, partly because of its eclectic mix of tech, art, and news. But also because of Scott Beale, at the helm, posts great photo spreads of the events he shoots. Laughing Squid isn't 100 percent local in terms of its coverage, but it's close.

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    Beyond Chron covers politics and issues "distorted or ignored" by the San Francisco Chronicle. It's run by the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and provides daily and progressive coverage as an alternative to San Francisco's mainstream reporting.

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    This is the place to live vicariously if you're just too tired to breach the velvet ropes. 7x7 Magazine is the younger counterpart to San Francisco Magazine -- and by counterpart, I mean a zine covering the ways and means of the city of San Francisco. The Clamour blog covers music, performances, clubs, screenings and is a self-proclaimed SF Culture Mashup.

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    Fog Bay is a daily photograph. But not just a photograph... usually a beautifully-shot image with some context and history describing the subject pictured. If you're new to San Francisco and the Bay Area, you can flip through Fog Bay's pages and just feel lucky you decided to move here. It's a lovely tribute by way of scenic, newsy, and colorful representations of the area.

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    There's really no pigeon-holing SF Citizen unless the umbrella of anything and everything is a quantifiable designation. SF Citizen isn't so much random as it is comprehensive, along with the lines of What I'm Seeing (above) in its focused approach on the item(s) of the day. The content of SF Citizen speaks to the way some like to experience San Francisco and the Bay Area, as a reflection of both the micro and macro levels. The blog posts range from photos of city scenes to coverage of museum openings, to speculative entries on the news and happenings around town.