Three Great Jerusalem Bars

Did Lady Gaga Drink Here?

Jerusalem at Night

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When Lady Gaga performed in Israel, she professed that she might "get drunk in Jerusalem." Whether or not she actually did is for history to decide, but in truth the number of bars and night spots in Jerusalem might surprise you. Here are five fit for a pop star -- or a thirsty traveler, too. 

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Beit Ya'akov St 11, Jerusalem, 9106402, Israel
Phone +972 2-533-3442

Yudale is the little-sister bar to mighty Machneyuda, Jerusalem's most famous and arguably best restaurant. Whether you just want a drink or want to sample some of the great, locally-sourced food that has them packed into Machneyuda, this spot is a great hangout with a hip and happening vibe.

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Mirror Bar

Photo courtesy Mamilla Hotel
Mamilla Rd 11, Jerusalem, Israel
Phone +972 2-548-2230

There's nothing like capping off a long day of sightseeing with an evening detour to a swanky hotel bar, and in Jerusalem, this is the one to beat. Tucked inside the chic Mamilla Hotel, it's got all the right moves: modern vibe and decor, a resident DJ (Weds.-Sat.), a purple backlit bar and a variety of seating configurations to match your mood. If you get the chance, don't miss out on the rooftop lounge (reservations necessary).

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Ben Sira St 4, Jerusalem, Israel
Phone +972 2-623-4566

Somewhere between a dive bar an art bar, this lively spot in an old stone building presents an interesting mix of students and young professionals who pack in nightly for the long happy hour (5pm-9pm) and to check out whoever's performing: there's a regular roster of both established and up-and-coming Israeli singers and bands. If it gets too crowded, retreat with your libation to the balcony.

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Jerusalem Bars and Night Spots That Might Surprise You