7 Great Hostels in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

San Telmo, the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires, draws thousands of visitors every year. Its cobblestone streets are lined with spectacular architecture, built up duing the city's heyday, as well as those classically Argentine things people are hungry to experience. There are many tango shows, parillas, and an art scene that shows no sign of slowing. The San Telmo Fair, put on every Sunday, is also a draw.

This is only a partial list of the many hostels in the neighborhood. They all include the standard hostel services and amenities such as free wi-fi, breakfast, linens, and hot showers. Many, however, have a little something extra.

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The Art Factory

A whimsical hallway in the Art Factory hostel in San Telmo.
Photo courtesy of The Art Factory.

The Art Factory is true to its name. Street artists have laid hands, or paint, on the walls with spectacular results. It's a hostel and art gallery combined, making your visit in itself an artistic experience. Just walking the halls, staying in the rooms, or chilling out in the bright and icon stenciled bar will put you in a mellow travelers vibe. This hostel was converted from a Victorian mansion. Check out its transformation in this image gallery. Located right on the border between Microcentro and San Telmo, it is a short walk away from the subway, San Telmo street fairs, and downtown. The hostel offers activities such as art and graffiti tours, movie nights, and Mexican and mojito parties.

Address: Piedras 545
Email: info@artfactoryba.com.ar
Phone: +54 (11)4343-1463
Blog: http://artfactoryhostelblog.com/

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Ostinatto Hostel

A view from above on the reception area at Ostinatto Hostel in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.
Photo courtesy of Ostinatto Hostel .

This 5 story hostel is all about style, adding minimalist touches of red, white, and black atop its 1920's architecture. They offer a free breakfast, but mention a well equipped and spacious kitchen and dining area. For those searching for some sun, the hostel offers a rooftop terrace and a skylight that bathes the floors below with light. An asado is held every Thursday on the terrace. A few things that set this hostel apart are its rotating art exhibitions, micro-cinema, ping-pong table and a piano bar. Their bar is open all night with 5 hour long happy hours. They also offer yoga and Tai Chi classes, Spanish and tango lessons, as well as a walking tour all for free.

Address: Chile 680, Buenos Aires
Phone: +54 (11) 4362 9639
Email: info@ostinatto.com.ar
Blog: http://ostinattohostel.blogspot.com

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Che Lagarto Hostel

The sunny patio at Che Lagarto hostel.
Photo courtesy of Che Lagarto Hostel.

Che Lagarto Hostel is a private chain of hostels that stretch across South America. Argentina has three locations in Iguazu Falls, Calafate, and Buenos Aires. The location in Buenos Aires is in San Telmo, five blocks away from the San Telmo Fairs on Sunday in Plaza Dorrego. It offers private rooms as well as shared dorms with 4 and 8 beds. The hostel has all of the standard amenities plus a sunny patio, pool and foosball tables. This video gives a great little tour of the place.

Address: Venezuela 857
Phone: +54 (11) 4343-4845

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America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

One of the rooms at the America del Sur Hostel.
Photo courtesy of America del Sur Hostel .

This hostel offers a variety of single, double, and shared rooms all equipped with brightly colored furniture and their own heating and air conditioning units. Just this side of a hotel, the hostel has well lit communal areas including a kitchen, patio, game area, and lounge. The hostel organizes day trips to Uruguay and Tigre, city and bike tours, and the soccer and gaucho experience.

Address: Chacabuco Nº718, San Telmo
Phone: +54 (11)4300 5525
Blog: http://www.americahostelblog.com.ar/​

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Sandanzas Cultural Hostel

One of the colorful communal areas in the Sandanzas Cultural Hostel.
Photo courtesy of Sandanzas Cultural Hostel .

Sandanzas Cultural Hostel is run by a small group of people in the arts, social sciences, and teaching all of whom have traveled through Latin America. Located in San Telmo, the hostel prides itself on providing a more personal hostel experience. This is possible given their maximum capacity is just 28. The 360 degree panoramic of their communal area gives a good sense of the vibe at Sandanzas.​

Address: Balcarce 1351
Phone: +54 (11) 4300-7375  & 4362-1816

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Circus Hostel & Hotel

The pool at Circus Hostel & Hotel has a jacuzzi function.
Photo courtesy of Circus Hostel & Hotel.

The Circus Hostel & Hotel offers private, double, and shared rooms. The hostel has a full service restaurant that serves a free breakfast and meals off a menu the rest of the day. There is a pool that can also be set to a Jacuzzi mode, a pool table, foosball table, and bar. The hostel offers Spanish and tango lessons, football tickets, and club hopping nights. You can see more in this video of a walk through the Circus Hostel and Hotel. 

Address: Chacabuco 1020
Phone: +54 011 5430 0405
Email: info@hostelcircus.com
Website: http://www.hostelcircus.com/

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Hostel One

A sunlit room at Hostel One in San Telmo.
Photo courtesy of Hostel One.

Hostel One is in a renovated old building constructed in 1904. It offers private, double, and shared dorm rooms. There are several areas to relax including a patio which is decorated with geraniums, roof-top terrace known as “La Azotea”, and media room. They offer Spanish courses that cover Buenos Aires slang, called lunfardo. You can see more of the hostel in this video presented on their website.

Address: Bolivar 1291
Phone: (+54 11) 4300-9322
Email: info@hostelone.com
Website: http://www.hostelone.com/en/

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