Great Gift Ideas From Shanghai for Kids

Rain boots stomping in puddle

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Shopping for kids in Shanghai is one of the easiest tasks there is. There is everything from the cheapest junk to really nice gifts. This list will help you sift the junk (although the junk is fun) from the good stuff.

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Cutest Rain Boots Ever

Children's rain boots in Shanghai

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What kid doesn't delight in rain boots? You can find the cutest rain boots in all kids' sizes from pink with yellow bunnies to red Bob the Builder boots. Stroll the stalls and find great rain jackets and little umbrellas too. ​You'll be able to outfit your kid for all-weather for a nice price.

Where to buy it?

  • Nihong Kids' Plaza, corner of Pua'n and Jinglin Roads.
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Embroidered Silk Slippers

Red embroidered Chinese shoes

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Little girls will be delighted with wee silk slippers to use everyday or for fun dress-up play.

Where to buy it? Suzhou Cobblers Boutique, Room 101, 17 Fuzhou Road (right off the Bund)

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Bookshelf in Shanghai

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There are some great English translations of Chinese tales available that you might not come across in your local bookstore. The illustrations are beautiful and a gift of a book is something you can certainly feel good about; it's not only good for your kid, but it's also super-packable.

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Shanghai pearls

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You don't have to wait until your little girl turns sweet 16 to buy her pearls. The pearls in China are good quality and the prices are very reasonable. For as low as $10, you can design her a lovely strand of freshwater pearls. Higher quality and grades of pearls are available whatever your budget. Why not have a short strand strung for her 4th birthday? She'll feel like a princess.

Where to buy it?

  • Pearl's Circles, First Asia Jewelry Plaza, 3rd floor, 288 Fuyou Road, Shanghai.
  • Pearl City, 2nd and 3rd floors, 558 Nanjing Dong Road, Shanghai.
  • Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market, Hong Mei Road on the corner of Hong Qiao Road.
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Qipaos and Silk Pajamas

Silk in Shanghai

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At the Shanghai fashion and gift markets, as well as the bazaar around the Yu Gardens, many stalls sell inexpensive and fun qipao (chee pow), that quintessential Chinese dress with the mandarin collar and the slit on the sides, as well as colorful silk pajamas for both boys and girls. Your little guys and girls will love having these exciting Chinese outfits to dress up in.

Where to buy it? Shanghai Markets

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Stuffed Pandas

Pandas at Shanghai airport


What says China more than a panda bear? You find luxurious stuffed pandas dressed in silk Chinese costumes as well as every size of ​the inexpensive version at the markets.

Where to buy it?

  • Inexpensive and all sizes: Shanghai Markets
  • Expensive and cute: Shanghai Tang, Xintiandi Plaza, 15 Xintiandi North Block, Lane 181 Tai Cang Road, ​other locations
  • Dressed in Chinese costume: gift stores of the Portman Ritz-Carlton, the Westin and the Okura Garden Hotels, Shanghai
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Cool T-Shirts

Shirts for sale

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Forget "my grandparents went to Florida and all they brought me was this lousy t-shirt", you can get some very cool tees for babies and kids. My all-time faves are the great Chinese motif short- and long-sleeve t-shirts from Shanghai Tang.

Other fun designs including fun Chinese characters and pandas are available at the fashion and gift markets.

Where to buy it?

  • Shanghai Tang, Xintiandi Plaza, 15 Xintiandi North Block, Lane 181 Tai Cang Road other locations
  • Shanghai Markets
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