28 Great Gift Ideas for Travelers These Holidays

Travelers are notoriously difficult to buy for, so we’ve rounded up close to 30 different gift options these holidays to make the process easier. From clothing to health and safety, camping gear to luggage and more, there’s something here for every vacation.

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5 Great Gifts for The Frequent Flier In Your Life

C4 Metal-Free Belts
C4 Belts

If someone you know spends more time than they should in planes and airports, any of these five gift ideas will make for a happier holiday season.

The NapAnywhere offers better comfort and sleep without the bulk of a traditional travel pillow, while JLAB’s Epic Bluetooth Earbuds keep the incessant noise at bay. Eagle Creek’s Lync Luggage System converts from a wheeled suitcase to a backpack, then breaks down into a small stuff sack for easy storage.

Avoid the ‘security scanner shuffle’ with a C4 Metal-Free Belt, and keep everything charged on even the longest flights with the cheap and cheerful Monoprice 16,000mAh Portable Charger.

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Stay Safe and Healthy on the Road These Holidays

Robocopp Personal Siren

Staying fit, healthy and safe while traveling isn’t always easy. These five gift ideas help with everything from personal security to getting your workouts in, ensuring you’ve remembered life-saving medications, taking temperatures quickly and easily, and more.

The Veta SmartCase for EpiPen ensures those with life-threatening allergies never leave home without an auto-injector, while the Kinsa Smart Thermometer makes taking and recording temperatures a snap for the whole family.

The FitKit Personal Fitness Kit lets you work out in your hotel room, the RoboCopp Personal Siren keeps attackers and wild animals at bay, and Accel Compression Socks make long-haul flights at least a little more comfortable.

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From Coffee to Margaritas: 4 Top Drinking Accessories for Campers

Coolest Cooler

Who would have thought there were so many great drinking accessories for those heading into the great outdoors?

The fold-down HydraPak Stash lets you carry as much water as you like without carrying around large bottles, while the spill-proof Stojo Fold-Up Cup does the same for hot liquids. Be the only person on the hike with cold beer thanks to the IceMule Pro Backpack Cooler, and be the life and soul of the campsite party with the aptly-named Coolest Cooler.

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Check Out These 5 Tiny Travel Gifts Under $50


If you need to pick up a stocking stuffer for someone who travels, any of these five items fit the bill. They’re all under fifty dollars, light, practical and small enough to fit in even the tiniest of carry-ons.

To avoid looking like a target, Big Skinny makes a wide range of super-slim wallets and card holders -- many of which also block RFID signals. The Hydaway collapsible bottle gives you hydration without the bulk, while the Luminaid Packlite offers a super-portable solar-powered light source.

Protect and fix charging cables with Sugru, and turn those annoying hotel coathangers into something useful with a ConvertAHanger.

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Looking for Luggage? Start with These 4 Unique Options

Soot ElectroPack

With so much cheap, generic luggage on the market, it’s often hard to find anything innovative and genuinely useful for travelers. These four options all bring something new to the table, whether it’s keeping the creepy-crawlies at bay, powering your equipment or protecting your gear from the worst that nature (and baggage handlers) can throw at it.

The Standard Luggage Carry-On Backpack converts between a backpack, duffel and messenger bag for ultimate flexibility, while the Soot ElectroPack takes a more modular approach with a messenger and day pack combination that let you combine space and battery power as needed.

If you’re worried about bedbugs (and you should be), take a look at the ThermalStrike Heated Luggage – it kills the nasties with the flick of a switch. Finally, if your gear needs ultimate protection, the Pelican ProGear Elite Weekender can handle submersion, impacts and more.

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5 Truly Useful Pieces of Travel Clothing

Xero sandals

There’s plenty of awful travel clothing to waste money on out there – but there are a few items that are genuinely useful for travelers. From heated jackets to smartphone-friendly gloves, lightweight sandals to unforgettable glasses, these are all worth checking out.

The ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket provides ample warmth and comfort, yet folds up into a handy travel pillow when not needed. Speaking of jackets, the VentureHeat Escape Softshell comes with heating panels to keep the wearer snug and warm no matter the weather.

Xero Sandals offer a lightweight, durable footwear alternative, while Glove.ly lets wearers use their smartphones without freezing their fingers. Finally, ThinOptics reading glasses fit snugly into a phone case to ensure they’re never left behind when needed most.   

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