Tips and Sources for Great Family Adventure Travel Vacations

How to Plan and Find Adventure Travel Trips for Families

Adventure travel experiences designed for families should be getaways that allow everyone to bond over shared experiences while having an unforgettable and incredibly fun time. Here we offer some sources for finding great family vacations and adventurous family trips, as well as tips for planning those excursions. Additionally, you'll find some suggested companies that offer affordable options for taking the entire family on a trip of a lifetime. 

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    When temperatures climb in the city, beat the urban heat with these 10 family vacations at cool mountain resorts. There are few better settings for creating lasting family memories than escaping to an alpine setting. The views are spectacular and the possibilities for adventure are boundless. 

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    Popular Family Vacations Chock-full of Adventure Travel

    Here's a great source for finding adventure travel family vacations. Whether you want to take the kids on a family beach vacation, an overseas trip, an all-inclusive family vacation, an affordable trip or a luxury experience, you'll find a trip to entertain everyone here.

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    Taking the kids on a family trip ensures memories you can talk about around a dinner table for years to come. Those same family outings can inspire children to explore the world around them, potentially turning them into future world travelers. Here's a selection from around the world that can put them on the right path. 

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    These companies offer adventure travel opportunities that have been specifically designed with families in mind. These trips are chock-full of activities just for kids, plus provide adventures the entire family will enjoy as a group too. The best vacations are ones that are shared and enjoyed equally by everyone, and that's exactly what you'll find here. 

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    How to Choose a Family Adventure Trip

    Finding just the right trip to keep the entire family happy and satisfied isn't easy. What appeals to one member of the group may be a complete turn-off to someone else. But, with these handy tips for choosing and planning the best family adventure travel vacations, you'll end up creating memories that will stick with your entire family for a lifetime. Take some of the hassle and difficulty out of preparing for a trip and get on with actually enjoying your vacation instead. 

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    One of the best ways to get your kids excited about an upcoming family adventure it to get them involved in the actual planning. Ask them about the things they want to see and do and get their input early on. That way, they're more likely to feel like they are part of the process, which can lead to more engagement throughout the journey. Besides, they'll never be able to tell their friends "This trip was my parents' idea" ever again. The alone makes it a worthwhile endeavor. 

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    Would you like to watch buffaloes roam in Yellowstone National Park, see giraffes and lions in South Africa, or watch deer nibble on bushes as you hike on trails through forests here in the U.S.? Family adventures that include wildlife viewing can be as close as the nearest state or national park to your home, or as far as the Galapagos Islands or Africa. But no matter where you go, wildlife tends to be an interesting way to get kids more engaged in the experience. 

The idea of having a family vacation that is also a great adventure can sometimes seem like an elusive proposition. But kids are a resilient bunch who tend to be adventurous by nature. Plan activities that appeal to their sense of wonder about the world around us, and you just might discover that they are enjoying the escape as much as you are. Go camping, hiking, mountain biking, ziplining, or kayaking, and chances are your kids will be talking about those experiences for years to come, and you just might discover that you're turning them into future adventurers along the way.

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