9 Great Dim Sum Restaurants in New York City

Enjoy dim sum that's made-to-order or served from Hong Kong-style carts in NYC

New York City is a great place to enjoy dim sum, whether it's your first time or you're a huge fan. Dim Sum is served most often from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m., as it is the Asian combination of breakfast, brunch and lunch in one delicious meal.

There are lots of great options for where to enjoy dim sum in New York City, but most fall into two categories: Hong Kong style spots with carts where you choose your dim sum as it goes by and other spots with a more traditional restaurant approach where you look over a menu and order what you like. It's traditional Get a good overview of the Dim Sum tradition in this helpful article.

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    Nom Wah Tea Parlor

    Nom Wah Tea Parlor
    ••• Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Heather Cross

    First opened in 1920, Nom Wah is New York City's oldest dim sum parlor still in operation, so if you're looking for a Chinatown classic, give Nom Wah a try. Dim sum here is made to order and although the spot is cleaner and pricier than it has been in the past, it's popular, so expect a wait on weekends. I like that they offer a selection of different teas to drink with your dim sum, though they also have a selection of beer and wine. My two favorites picks from a recent trip were the roast pork bun and the shrimp & snow pea leaf dumplings.

    • Address: 13 Doyers Street
    • Phone: 212-962-6047
    • Website: nomwah.com
    • Dim sum is served all day long, starting at 10:30 a.m. daily.
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    Jing Fong Dim Sum Banquet Hall in Chinatown
    ••• Jing Fong Dim Sum Banquet Hall in Chinatown. Heather Cross

    If you want to experience the fun, bustling Hong Kong style dim sum carts, this large banquet hall is a great choice. Experts recommend bringing your ticket up to the dim sum carts that interest you if you feel like you're missing out on the good stuff that's circulating. Don't feel pressured to take things that the server offers you if you're not interested -- their job is to get rid of all the dim sum, but in my opinion, it's best to take a dish or two at a time so that things are still nice and hot when you eat them!

    • Address: 20 Elizabeth Street
    • Phone: 212-964-5256
    • Website: jingfongny.com
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    Dim Sum Go Go

    Dim Sum Go Go Restaurant in Chinatown
    ••• Dim Sum Go Go Restaurant in Chinatown. Heather Cross

    While they don't offer cart style dim sum, you can get dim sum whenever Dim Sum Go Go is open, even if that means you want dim sum for dinner. It's a good place to get a first taste of dim sum if you're nervous about the chaos of the Hong Kong style carts -- staff is not intimidating and it's generally regarded as cleaner than your average Chinatown restaurant. Snow pea leaf and three-star dumplings are both recommended.

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    Golden Unicorn

    Offering two floors of seating, the Golden Unicorn is a perennial favorite for dim sum served on carts. The steamed shrimp dumplings with shark fin are highly recommended, as are the clams in black bean sauce.

    • Address: 18 East Broadway
    • Phone: 212-941-0911
    • Hours: Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. Saturday/Sunday: 8 a.m. - Midnight
    • Website: goldenunicornrestaurant.com
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    Oriental Garden Restaurant in Chinatown
    ••• Oriental Garden Restaurant in Chinatown. Heather Cross

    Excellent dim sum options for folks who like seafood, as this is their specialty. Here, dim sum is prepared to order, which ensures higher quality offerings, despite missing out on the experience of the Hong Kong style pushcarts.

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    Ping's Seafood

    Ping's Seafood Restaurant Chinatown
    ••• Ping's Seafood Restaurant. Heather Cross

    Hong Kong-style Dim Sum is served by carts circulating around this busy Chinatown restaurant, which is notably smaller than many other places. Fans believe the smaller restaurant serves better food than some of the larger dim sum halls, but you miss out on some of the people watching and bustle that the larger halls provide. Ping's Seafood is also well-known for its fresh-killed fish dishes.

    • Address: 22 Mott St.
    • Phone: 212-602-9988
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    Red Egg

    Red Egg
    ••• Red Egg. Photo by Heather Cross, licensed to About.com

    One of New York City's newest dim sum restaurants, Red Egg serves traditional food in a modern, lounge-like setting. Visitors will appreciate the cleanliness, and the dim sum is really great too. Everything is made to order, they have dim sum menus for both daytime and evening, and it's a popular pick for families with kids.

    • Address: 22 Centre Street
    • Phone: 347-871-1123
    • Website: redeggnyc.com
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    Vegetarian Dim Sum House

    Vegetarian Dim Sum Restaurant
    ••• Vegetarian Dim Sum Restaurant. Heather Cross

    This is a great option if you have a lot of vegetarians in your group (or folks that stay away from pork and/or seafood). The Vegetarian Dim Sum House offers a variety of creative interpretations of common dim sum featuring mock chicken, mock pork and mock beef instead. Selections are diverse enough to satisfy even meat-eaters in the group.

    • Address: 24 Pell Street
    • Phone: 212-577-7176
    • Hours: 10:30 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. daily (dim sum available continuously)
    • Cash only
    • Website: vegetariandimsum.com
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    88 Palace Restaurant

    88 Palace
    ••• 88 Palace. Heather Cross
    Large, bustling restaurant serving dim sum Hong Kong style with carts. Warning for the anti-social: small parties are often sat together at communal tables. This restaurant is located inside of a shopping mall in Chinatown, so there are lots of interesting things to look at when you head inside.
    • Address: 88 E Broadway
    • Phone: 212-941-8886