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Discounted Tickets in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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If you are accustomed to attending theatre and entertainment in other large cities around the U.S. you might be looking for a place where you can see which shows have tickets that are being offered at a deep discount. New Yorkers know that if they want to check on which Broadway shows have extra seats and are offering discounts to sell them, they go to the TKTS Booth in Times Square. So where do you go to find discounted tickets in Phoenix?

We don't have a Times Square here. As a matter of fact, we don't have any physical building or location where you can go to look at a board and see which concerts, plays, or events are being discounted. All concert promoters, theatres and sports teams sell their tickets online. They might use their own system, or a ticket seller like Ticketmaster. Those ticket sellers are selling tickets at face value, often with taxes, fees and/or convenience charges added. Then there are ticket brokers, like They buy and sell tickets, often at more than face value. You might use a ticket broker if the concert or show you want to see is sold out, or you can't find the seats you want through the original ticket seller. Occasionally, you can find a bargain here, tickets at less than face value, if you are able to find some 'last chance' deals or special promotions. When dealing with a ticket broker, make sure it is a reputable company that offers guarantees on the validity of the tickets. That's something you don't get if you buy your tickets from scalpers and some other ticket exchanges. You don't want to end up with fake tickets.

There is still another way to find tickets. There are several online companies that specialize in offering tickets in specific U.S. cities. These tickets might come from the venue, individuals who have tickets they can't use, ticket brokers—they are obtained from a variety of sources. They are sold at a discount, and you reap the rewards. One of these online companies that offer deals in the Greater Phoenix area is Goldstar. Goldstar typically offers discounted tickets for local theatre productions, improv comedy shows, sporting events and local musical performances.

How to Buy Discounted Tickets Through

Goldstar is a national ticket seller in the U.S., and you can sign up online to receive offers in the Phoenix area. It is not unusual to find tickets there at half the normal price! There is no charge to check on current offers, and you may subscribe (no charge) to various newsletters to keep you up-to-date. Tickets offered at Goldstar include both local professional theatre and musicians as well as some touring national bands, musicians, and comedians.

How It Works

When you see a concert or show at for which you'd like to buy tickets you will be shown the price, including the fee, of each ticket. There's no bidding. Tickets will be issued in the purchaser's name and placed at will call for pickup before the show. That means that you won't know where you are sitting until you get there. It's pretty simple!

Special Features

Red Velvet service is a VIP program. There is a monthly charge, but Red Velvet members get priority on ticket announcements, flexible cancellations, priority seating and can place holds on tickets that are offered so they have more time to call a friend, do more research or make a decision. features certain performances as "comp" shows. A misnomer, in my opinion (the word comp means complimentary or free), but a certain number of tickets for these shows are offered for the service charge only. It may not be a comp in the true sense of the word, but it's still an even bigger discount.

Ten Things to Know Before You Buy Your Tickets

  1. There is no charge to sign up and receive email notices of shows and events.
  2. You will not get a seat assignment when you buy your tickets through You'll find out which seats you got when you arrive at the venue and pick up your tickets.
  3. Seats will not have obstructed view unless that is indicated as such.
  4. If you buy all your seats at the same time you will be seated together.
  5. Your tickets are not mailed or emailed. You will pick them up at will call with photo ID. If you are buying the tickets for someone else, make sure that you order them with gift name details included. You can also purchase gift certificates.
  6. Not all performance dates will be offered here. Only the dates that the venue provides to may be sold.
  7. This service is great for last minute events -- that's why they are discounted! Typically, you'll find tickets in the next few days or maybe weeks, but not more in advance than that.
  8. You'll be able to access a map to the venue as well as comments and reviews from other users.
  9. If you sign up for the email newsletter, you'll receive weekly information about events that are being offered. You can select specific categories, most popular or all events.
  10. Sales are final. No refunds are given. If the event was canceled by the venue, contact for refund information.

Ready to go? Let's see what tickets Goldstar has to sell today.

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