Grantley Adams International Airport Guide

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Grantley Adams International Airport

Adams-Barrow, Gordon Cummins Hwy, Barbados
Phone +1 246-536-1302

One of the major hub airports in the Caribbean, Grantley Adams International Airport (also called Bridgetown/Grantley Adams Airport) is also the sole port of entry for visitors arriving and departing from Barbados by air. Due to the airport's abundance of daily flights, many travelers use their layover in Barbados as a midway point before arriving at their final destination in the Eastern Caribbean. With two connected terminals, Grantley Adams International Airport operates direct flights to the U.S., Canada, Europe, and other Caribbean nations. As a result, unlike other airports in the Caribbean, Grantley Adams can be quite busy, particularly in the peak tourist season of December through mid-April when snowbirds fly south for the winter.

Airport Code, Location, and Flight Information

  • Airport Code: BGI
  • Location: Seawell, Christ Church, Barbados
  • Website:
  • Flight Tracker:
  • Map:
  • Phone Number: +1 246-536-1302 

Know Before You Go

Grantley Adams International Airport is located roughly 8 miles from downtown Bridgetown (the most populated city on the island as well as the nation's capital). Grantley Adams International is the secondary hub for LIAT (Leeward Islands Air Transport), just after VC Bird International Airport (ANU) in Antigua and Barbuda. This means that the airport is more crowded than those on other Caribbean islands. While popular, and the only airport on Barbados, it is known for being clean and relatively easy to navigate. The Eastern Caribbean hub services Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, JetBlue, LIAT, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and WestJet.  

Grantley Adams International Airport Parking

The public parking lot at BGI is easily accessible and is open 24 hours. The rates listed below are in Barbados dollars, and payment can be made via pay stations in the departures and arrivals terminal of the airport or with an attendant at the roadside payment booth in the departures terminal. 

30 minutes or less BDS $2
30 minutes to 6 hours BDS $3
6 hour to 24 hours BDS $18 (flat rate)
More than 24 hours BDS $24 (day rate)

The payment booth closes an hour after the last arriving flight lands in the airport, so travelers arriving later in the evening shouldn't waste too much time in the terminal before collecting their vehicles. 

Driving Directions

BGI is in Seawell, Christ Church, and is located along the Adams-Barrow-Cummins Highway, along the southeastern portion of the island. A half-hour from the island's beaches along the west coast, it is also only eight minutes from downtown Bridgetown, the nation's capital. 

The Adams-Barrow-Cummins Highway, also known as the ABC Highway, is the main thoroughfare in Barbados. Traffic is likely to occur around the two-lane roundabouts in Bridgetown, so travelers should prepare to leave for the airport with a bit of time to spare.

Public Transportation and Taxis

  • Taxis: Receive a trip form courtesy of the Taxi Dispatcher before hailing an Authorized Taxi (identifiable via a yellow sticker on the vehicle's side panel.) Standardized taxi rates to and from the airport are included for upwards of 25 locations on the Grantley Adams International Airport website.
  • Luxury Limos: Limo services are also available, and arranged by a tour operator.
  • Tour Buses: Tour bus packages are also available at BGI, and are arranged through a tour operator. 
  • Car Rentals: The offices for the three authorized rental car companies (Courtesy Rent-A-Car, Drive-a-matic, and Stoutes Car Rental) are located just to the left of the Arrivals Terminal.
  • Public Transport: Hourly buses operate alongside the highway just outside the airport traveling from BGI to Bridgetown City Centre and additional destinations for BDS $3.50. If you're experiencing difficulty identifying the correct bus or hotel shuttle, consult the tourism information desk in the airport for additional guidance. 

Where to Eat and Drink

  • Chefette is the largest indigenous restaurant chain on the island, and an outpost is located just before airport security. The restaurant offers stir-fried hot dogs, corn nuggets, seasonal diced potatoes, and plantain pieces amongst other local culinary offerings.
  • Banks Bar is also located just before airport security for travelers looking for some more of the island's signature rum before making their way past customs. Another option is Gate Zero Bar, also located within the BGI airport. 
  • Christopher's Café and Grab' N' Go offers sustenance you can take with you on the plane, while the Island Grill serves heartier fare for globetrotters.
  • Visit Cream for a coffee to serve as a pick-me-up after a red-eye flight (though the tropical atmosphere, already evident within the airport, is most assuredly worth it upon arrival.) 

Airport Lounges

Grantley Adams International Airport features two airport lounges for visitors to spend time between flights or before takeoff: the Airlines Executive Lounge and the landslide lounge, operated by Caribbean Aircraft Handling on the mezzanine floor. Both are non-smoking.

  • The Airlines Executive Lounge is a pleasant oasis located just past security in Terminal 1, between Gates 12 and 13. If there is space available (more likely in the off-season), guests can purchase tickets at the door for $31 per person. Children between the ages of 5 to 11 years old are $15.50, while all children under the age of five are granted admission for free. 
  • If you're concerned about securing a spot at the door, you can purchase a one-time Lounge Pass online before your trip. (The Lounge Pass costs GBP 22 for three hours, and is non-refundable.) Usually, payment at the door is available for vacationers. However, travelers visiting Barbados during the busy season of December through mid-April are advised to purchase Lounge Access in advance just in case.

Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

  • There is free Wi-Fi available in Grantley Adams International, with hotspots located throughout the airport.
  • There are outlets found throughout the building and there are also four charging stations located in the Departures Terminal. Three charging stations are situated in the Airlines Executive Lounge, and the fourth is to be found in the regional terminal lounge located on the mezzanine floor.

Airport Tips & Facts

  • The airport was formerly known as Seawell Airport and was renamed in honor of the Barbadian statesman Sir Grantley Herbert Adams in 1976. Adams was instrumental in politics and working-class rights in the West Indies and founded the Barbados Labour Party in 1938. He lived from 1898 to 1971 and was named one of the National Heroes of Barbados in 1998.
  • The airport is less busy in the off-season, during late spring to fall, when fewer travelers are vacationing in the Caribbean. Visitors should plan to arrive earlier for their departing flights during the busy season of December through April in case of crowds. However, security and customs lines usually remain manageable year-round.
  • Shopping hidden gems in the airport include Cricket Legends of Barbados, which sells duty-free sporting souvenirs from the Bajan nation in the departures terminal, as well as Mudiwas Creations (accessible after security) and Earth Mother Botanicals, which offer handcrafted goods. Mudiwas Creations sells one-of-a-kind jewelry while Earth Mother Botanicals sells handmade soaps and other natural skincare products.
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Grantley Adams International Airport Guide