The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar at MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas

Sushi, Noodles, Rice And A Beer At The Grand Wok Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

If you sat me in front of a plate of Malaysian style seafood rice noodles and a beer at The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar you could probably get me to do anything. I'm sure my wife made me sit with her at The Grand Wok just so that she could convince me that she needed not just one but two pairs of new shoes. She ordered a Red Dragon Roll and some Yellowtail sashimi and before I could understand what happened she had convinced me of her needs. Be careful because Las Vegas can happen to you if you eat at The Grand Wok at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

This simple, casual and comfortable restaurant consistently does a good job of making people happy. It is not all bells and whistles but instead just exactly what it should be. It is a good noodle shop that is a solid place to eat in side the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

Location: The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar
MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas
3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 800-929-1111

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Cuisine at The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Malaysian, and Singaporean cuisine

Reservations: Not required

Price Range at The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar: Inexpensive to moderate

Attire: Casual

What it’s like at The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar?
Located right off the casino floor you’ll think that the room is fancier than it really is. You can sit at the sushi bar or at one of the tables against the large windows that look out onto the casino floor. The Grand Wok at MGM Grand is a comfortable spot for lunch or dinner and a restaurant where you can pop in and get a table rather quickly. It’s casual but not cheap. In other words even if you didn’t make a reservation at one of the very good restaurants at the MGM Grand you’ll still feel ok taking your date to dinner here.

How’s the food at The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar?
You’ll be pleasantly surprised by some authentic flavors and the price point. The portions are large enough to share and two people can eat here for under $30. Make sure to try a few of their appetizers as I could devour an entire order of the crispy dumplings and the lettuce wraps serve as an entrée for my wife.

What you should try at The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar:

  • Combination Fried Rice – I know it’s fried rice but when it’s done right it’s just done right. I could sit with a bowl of fried rice and a beer at the Grand Wok and not need anything else.
  • Red Curry Coconut chicken – I can get into this dish but a wish it was just a bit spicier. Let them know and they’ll crank up the heat factor for you.
  • Sea Dragon Roll = It might be the garlic or the spicy masago but either way you might have to double up on the order if you like eel.
  • Las Vegas Roll – Deep fried tuna, need I say anymore? There is also some yellow tail and salmon on the roll just to keep you feeling like you made the healthy choice.
  • Glazed Shrimp with Toasted Pine Nuts – Large shrimp with the slight crunch of the pine nuts mixed in with just a tiny bit of steamed rice and you have me huddled over my plate like the starving student I played though my six years of college.


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