Grand Pequot Tower: A Foxwoods Hotel

A Look Inside this Lodging Option at Foxwoods

Grand Pequot Tower Hotel at Foxwoods

Kim Knox Beckius


There are four hotels located on-site at Foxwoods, New England's largest casino. The Grand Pequot Tower Hotel, which sits atop the Grand Pequot Casino, is Foxwoods' second largest lodging property and one of visitors' most luxurious options, particularly if you splurge on a butler-serviced Tower Villa.

That said, there are midweek and off-season deals to be had at the Grand Pequot Tower, and as of 2019, you can still occasionally steal a room for as little as $79.20 for the night if you get lucky. Subscribe online to receive special email and mobile offers from Foxwoods if you want to be alerted to upcoming hotel deals.

Once you've checked in, shop at the Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods, have dinner at the Golden Dragon or one of Foxwoods' many other restaurant choices, play Roulette, Blackjack and Slots until the wee hours if you'd like. The large Grand Pequot Casino is a convenient elevator ride away from your hotel room when you're finally ready to call it a night. In the morning, revive your energy with the sumptuous, unlimited breakfast spread at the Festival Buffet.

In these pictures, you'll get a look around this impressive Foxwoods hotel. For Grand Pequot Tower reservations, call toll free, 800-FOXWOODS.

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The Second Largest Hotel at Foxwoods

Foxwoods Grand Pequot Hotel Outside Entrance Picture

Kim Knox Beckius

When you pull up to the Grand Pequot Tower Hotel at Foxwoods, the valet will be at your service before you even have the car in park.

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Checking In

Grand Pequot Tower Hotel Lobby Photo at Foxwoods

Kim Knox Beckius

As you enter the Grand Pequot Tower lobby area, you'll find the reception desk to the right. On a winter weeknight visit to this Foxwoods hotel, and there was no wait to check in.

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Native Symbolism

Native Symbolism at the Grand Pequot Hotel at Foxwoods

Kim Knox Beckius

The Mashantucket Pequots are one of the nation's wealthiest Native American tribes, but there is nothing gaudy about the native symbolism on display in the lobby of the Grand Pequot Hotel at Foxwoods.

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Skylight View

Foxwoods Grand Pequot Tower Hotel Skylight Photo

Kim Knox Beckius

A skylight provides a different view of the Grand Pequot Tower Hotel at Foxwoods. As you head up to your room, you'll be happy to see daylight, which is conspicuously absent from most hotel complexes.

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Norwich Spa

Foxwoods Grand Salon and Spa

Kim Knox Beckius

Foxwoods' Norwich Spa (formerly the Grand Salon and Spa) is located on the 9th floor of the Grand Pequot Tower. The Norwich offers a full range of haircare and nailcare services.

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Indoor Pool

Picture of Indoor Pool at Grand Pequot Tower Hotel at Foxwoods

Kim Knox Beckius

Didn't pack swimsuits? You'll regret that decision when you stop on the 9th floor of the Grand Pequot Tower Hotel for a peek at the indoor pool; it is incredibly inviting.

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A Casino Sanctuary

Grand Pequot Hotel Indoor Pool - Foxwoods

Kim Knox Beckius

Here's another picture of the indoor pool at the Grand Pequot Hotel. All three of the original on-site hotels at Foxwoods have indoor pools, but this one is the most elaborate. The newest hotel, Fox Tower, has a seasonal outdoor pool. 

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A Deluxe Room

Foxwoods Grand Pequot Tower Hotel Room Photo

Kim Knox Beckius

There are 824 rooms in the Grand Pequot Tower at Foxwoods. Deluxe Rooms, such as this one, are quite large at 450 square feet. Guests can choose either one king or two double beds.

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For Hotel Deals, Join the Rewards Program

Hotel Deals at Foxwoods - Grand Pequot Hotel Deals and Free Stays

Kim Knox Beckius

When rooms like this are available for $79.20 midweek in the winter months, it's a deal that's hard to resist. Even if you don't visit often or gamble enough to earn free stays, be sure to join Foxwoods Rewards so you'll learn about special hotel deals.

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A Tribal Symbol

Carved Headboard Tree Design at Foxwoods Grand Pequot Hotel

Kim Knox Beckius

This detail photo shows the carved tree design on the headboard of the bed in a Deluxe Room at the Grand Pequot Tower at Foxwoods. The tree is a symbol of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. Mashantucket means "much wooded land."

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A Big Bathroom

Grand Pequot Hotel Foxwoods Casino - Bahtroom Picture

Kim Knox Beckius

The bathroom in this Deluxe Room at the Grand Pequot Hotel at Foxwoods Casino is spacious and equipped with a tub and shower, two sinks and a hair dryer.

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Foxwoods Toiletries

Foxwoods Toiletries - Grand Pequot Hotel at Foxwoods Pictures

Kim Knox Beckius

Foxwoods has its own branded toiletries for guests of its four hotels.

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Who Needs TV?

Hotel Armoire at Foxwoods Casino Grand Pequot Hotel

Kim Knox Beckius

The enormous armoire in this room at the Grand Pequot Hotel could have held enough clothes for a week's stay or more! I think there was a television inside, but I never even opened the doors to check. Who needs TV when you're at New England's largest casino?

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Comfortable Common Areas

Foxwoods Casino Hotel - Grand Pequot Hotel Common Areas

Kim Knox Beckius

The Grand Pequot Hotel at Foxwoods Casino has many comfortable common areas where guests can meet and relax.