Take the Scenic Grand Canyon Railway From Williams to the Grand Canyon

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    Grand Canyon Railway Train Station

    Grand Canyon Railway
    Judy Hedding

    A popular way to visit the Grand Canyon's South Rim begins in Williams, Arizona. There you can arrange to board the Grand Canyon Railway for a relaxing and scenic ride to the Grand Canyon. The train stops just next to the Bright Angel Lodge, which means it is a short walk to the Grand Canyon itself, as well as food, lodging, and gifts.

    The depot area at Williams, Arizona is well-utilized by tourists. There is a hotel where you can spend the night, a restaurant, and, of course, the ticket office.

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    Entertainment in Williams

    Shoot-out reenactment
    Judy Hedding

    You might be at the station early enough to see one of the free shootouts. It's family-friendly entertainment (well, except for the shooting/killing!). 

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    The Train

    Grand Canyon Railway train
    Judy Hedding

    This is the train that took us to the Grand Canyon. It leaves every morning. According to the Grand Canyon Railway website, "The trip measures 65 miles and takes 2 hours and 15 minutes each way."

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    Have a Safe Day

    Employees waving farewell with a retired steam engine behind them
    Judy Hedding

    The employees wave as the train departs the Williams station. The train behind them is no longer in use; it is a display only.

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    Observation Dome

    Grand Canyon Railway observation car
    Judy Hedding

    One option for your trip is to book your seats in the Observation Dome. It's the best place for scenic views on the Grand Canyon Railway trip.

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    Arriving at Grand Canyon

    Passengers leaving the train
    Judy Hedding

    Passengers on the train disembark. The directions to the rim of the Grand Canyon are clear. Some people will stay for just a few hours before they head back to Williams, and some will stay overnight or for a few days. There are several package options.

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    Can't Get Much Closer

    Train with Bright Angle Lodge in the background
    Judy Hedding

    The train leaves you right near the Grand Canyon's rim, steps away from the Bright Angel Lodge. There you can eat, buy souvenirs or head right to the Grand Canyon's edge. Shuttles to the various South Rim viewing points can be accessed from here.

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    This Is Why You Came

    South Rim Desert View Point on East side of the Grand Canyon with Colorado River below.
    Carol Polich Photo Workshops / Getty Images

    The train ride is very nice, but this is the real reason you got on the train to begin with, isn't it?