Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon - The Day Trip

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    Is The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas A Good Idea?

    Grand Canyon and river at sunset.
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    If you are in Las Vegas and you are considering a trip to the Grand Canyon, you'll want some basic information to help you plan your trip. Check out the next few pages and you should get a good idea on just what to expect on a Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon trip.

    It is hard to imagine just how much weathering and erosion had to take place and over how much time it took to create the Grand Canyon. However, when you stand there and look out at the horizon you'll question the possibility of it even occurring. The Grand Canyon is a very popular attraction for people visiting Las Vegas and rightly so, it is a natural wonder that should be on your Las Vegas bucket list.

    Stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon and look down to the Colorado River and you will quickly realize that there is a reason why this is one of the natural wonders of the world. Fly over it and you get a good idea of just how massive the space between the edges is. Hike down and you will be baffled by just how much time...MORE it will take you to get back to the top. Weathering, erosion and a lot of time has made this area of the desert in Arizona such a sight that it will be difficult for you to comprehend that this was flat land over 2 billion years ago. Hike to the bottom and you'll drop down about 6000 feet.

    Yes, it is impressive and it is not that difficult to get to from Las Vegas. Read on for ideas for planning your trip.

    Check TripAdvisor for deals on Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

    Don't forget that there are 7 National Parks to get to from Las Vegas just in case you are looking for more ideas for day trips from Las Vegas.

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    First, How Much Will A Trip To The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas Cost?

    Views From An Aeroplane Window
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    Because there are so many different tours and options the prices vary from $99 to $3,000 dollars. Don't worry, unless you want a fine dining experience and Chamber music played deep inside a canyon you won't pay a few thousand dollars.

    I'll suggest that you check with a few outfitters for the various prices into the Grand canyon. Your options vary from bus and helicopter rides to motorcycle and small planes. Of course, you could also rent a car and drive yourself.

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    Grand Canyon By Helicopter

    Helicopter at Grand Canyon
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    The views as you hover high above the canyon floor are adrenaline pumping. The rim of the Grand Canyon is at eye level and the ridges fall off way below the rotors of the helicopter. Papillon Helicopter runs tours of the Grand canyon as does Maverick Helicopters.

    Compare prices on flights and see if you can get a better deal before heading into town.

    Excerpt from Grand Canyon by Helicopter:​​

    Slicing through the morning air with the Grand Canyon falling off below my feet and the sun slowly creeping over the edge of the tree tops my heart raced slightly as my finger jammed the shutter button over and over to get the perfect shot. The ​chop chop of the helicopter was barely audible and the ​slowly banking turns allowed me to get a complete sensory experience.

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    Grand Canyon By Airplane

    Grand Canyon West Cesena and sun
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    You'll fly directly to the airport in the Grand Canyon from either Las Vegas airport or from Boulder City Airport. Either way, the trip is significantly shorter than you would get from a drive to the national park.

    Check on prices on a tour to the Grand Canyon and do your best to compare options. Remember, if you found a good deal once you can find it again so a little patience can go a long way.

    Excerpt from Grand Canyon Tour:

    Looking down on the dessert the landscape transforms from sand and brush to spaces devoid of matter. The years of weathering and erosion sculpted the scene and the alluvial deposits and stratigraphic columns are what remain in a landscape that changes daily albeit in such a small way that it appears cemented in time. Millions of years and more water than you can imagine raced through this area and created canyons, gulleys and mesas, meanwhile rivers and tributaries continue to shape the desert and change the depth, clear the beaches and expose the rocks. If you...MORE can appreciate the patience of geologic time, the Grand Canyon depicts the ultimate hourglass sand timer only that it allows a pebble by pebble narration of time. It takes a lifetime to see the hour hand move but it does and it has been for at least 6 million years and some say for as many as 70 million.

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    Grand Canyon By Car

    Entrance to grand canyon
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    The views are fabulous if you like the desert landscape. Southern Nevada and Northern Arizona are quite arid so your highlights might only be Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam or you could be fascinated with the expanse of desert in this area of the Southwest United States.

    If you decide to drive I would suggest making it a two-day trip so as to have enough time to recharge before driving back to Las Vegas. In the summer, carry plenty of water and in the winter make sure you have warm clothing. It may sound like common sense but plenty of visitors don't always think the desert can get cold.

    You can choose a Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour and let someone else do the driving. The comfort level is higher and you can recuperate from your previous evening's indiscretions in Las Vegas. This tour includes stops at the National Geographic Visitors Center as well as two spectacular lookouts, Mather Point and Bright Angel Lodge. Take a hike along the various trails to lookouts such as Mather...MORE Point and visit the historic El Tovar Lodge. There are approximately 1.25 hours at each look out point and 1 hour at the Grand Canyon IMAX Theatre. The bus is a luxury coach and lunch is included.

    Getting to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

    The Grand Canyon is located about 250 miles from the Las Vegas strip. Taking highway 93 south from Las Vegas to Interstate 40 east to highway 64. The trip takes about 4 1/2 hours and takes you right over Hoover Dam.

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    Grand Canyon By Motorcycle

    Harley riders Arizona desert
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    The motorcycle tour explained from an excerpt in Tour of Grand Canyon:

    The tour includes a motorcycle ride with Eagle Rider Motorcycle Rentals and they put me on a Harley to ride through the Grand Canyon. The rest of the people on my tour opt to ride along with one of their guides. I take my control issues and opt to ride alone. As long as you have a license you can rent a bike and tour the Grand Canyon from a motorcycle with or without a guide. I’m not sure you get to see as much from the motorcycle simply because you do have to pay attention but I can tell you that the smell of the pine trees as you move through the canyon is uplifting. You peek through the trees to see the Grand Canyon fall away. You stop to get a good view and you have a little snack. Every aspect of the motorcycle ride is enough for me to already want to do it a second time. If you are already going to drive around the Grand Canyon to get a better view you might as well do it on a motorcycle.

    This experience is not...MORE for everybody but it is a great way to immerse yourself in the Grand canyon experience.

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    Why People Go To The Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon National Park
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    Once you start talking about the Kaibab formation or stratigraphic columns you'll realize that you have been in the Grand Canyon for longer than you need to be. However, when you look across the top of the canyon it seems to go forever. You think you could just stand there and take it all in for as long as physically possible. The river flows way down deep below and the birds soar high overhead. It is a wonder to think that so much soil, rock, and water has moved through this canyon over millions of years. If you have the opportunity, take a tour by helicopter or airplane and see the canyon while hovering over the giant hole in the ground. It is impressive and it is one of those places that must be on your list of things to see.

    The Grand Canyon is visited by approximately 5 million people each year. The park consists of 277 miles of the Colorado River and its massive erosional effects on the surrounding landscape. The Grand Canyon can be enjoyed from either the south or the north...MORE rims.

    The Southwest of the US is a vast and beautiful place to explore and Las Vegas is the perfect place to use as your base of adventure. Check out more National Parks less than a day's ride from Las Vegas.

    Finding things to do in Las Vegas is not difficult. With so many options you could also consider day trips closer to your Las Vegas hotel.

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    What To Do At The Grand Canyon

    South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon
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    Visit Grand Canyon Village to get oriented with the National Park. The visitors center is located in the village and offers lectures, videos, and rangers to assist you. From the Village, you can get on the Bright Angel Trail which will take you to the bottom of the canyon. You should realize that it is a good 9 miles to the bottom.

    However, after a visit to the visitors center, you will get information on easier, less strenuous hikes and trails that work for most visitors. You will also get information on spectacular lookout locations and seasonal activities around the National Park.


    There are numerous tour groups out of Las Vegas that lead trips to the Grand Canyon.

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    Is A Trip To The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas Worth It?

    Hike to Puebloean Granaries
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    Are memories important to you? Do you need more building blocks in the process of getting to where you want to go? The Grand Canyon is one of those places you need to see once. If you have children they will remember it for any number of reasons. As an adult, the site of this massive canyon is one you appreciate more as you mature.

    Is it worth a 4-hour drive? That is a hard question to ask when Zion National Park is much closer to Las Vegas.

    Why Go to the Grand Canyon?

    The drive can definitely make the trip worth it. You drive directly over the Hoover Dam and take a very scenic route through the desert. While you shouldn't get there and immediately attempt to hike to the bottom of the canyon, you can take a brisk walk about a quarter of the way down and take in the great views of the expansive canyon.

    If you have an extra day and you want to see a national landmark this is a good trip. The summer time will bring the crowds and pleasant temperatures. Peak season is May through November.

    T...MOREhe Grand Canyon is a geologist dream, where rock that is a billion years old is exposed through weathering and erosion.

    So when should you visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? Check the weather in Las Vegas first and then you'll get a better idea of when to go. Winter in the Grand Canyon is impressive. If you are lucky enough to be there when snow has fallen you get a dramatic view of the canyon.

    Summer in the Grand Canyon brings more visitors and international feel to the trails and scenic spots.

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    The Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam Aerial
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    This giant stack of concrete in the middle of the desert is very impressive and it deserves a day trip even if you decide not to visit the Grand Canyon. The Hoover Dam is about a 30-minute drive from the Las Vegas strip and offers tours and sightseeing opportunities.

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    East Rim of the Grand Canyon Drive

    Grandview Point Grand Canyon
    ••• Grandview Point. Jorge Láscar / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    The drive along the East Rim takes you past Yaki point and Grandview Point and gets you to the Tusayan Ruin Museum. It is a 25-mile drive that will give you a good look at some ruins of a population of pueblo Indians that lived in this location around the 13th century. You can witness the widest point in the canyon as well as buy Native American artifacts on the drive.

    Use these resources to find prices but take your time and don't book immediately. Patience is key to finding the best price.

    • Find a tour into the Grand Canyon as well as prices and descriptions with Best of Vegas. They offer quite a few options.
    • You could rent a car and drive to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. It's a long drive but you'll see the desert and the wide open space of the Southwestern USA.