How to Travel From Granada to Toledo by Car, Train, and Plane

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Granada in the Andalusia region of Southern Spain and Toledo in central Spain are 227 miles (365 kilometers) apart. You can get between the two cities by car, train, or a more complicated option involving a plane and two trains. The most budget-friendly—and one of the quickest ways—to get from Granada to Toledo is using a ride-share service.

  Time Cost Best For
Ride-share 4 hours, 15 minutes from $17 Traveling on a budget
Car 3 hours, 30 minutes 227 miles (365 kilometers) A quick trip
Train 4 hours, 50 minutes from $76 An adventure
Plane/Train 4 hours, 50 minutes from $68 Not having to drive

What Is the Cheapest Way to Get From Granada to Toledo?

The cheapest mode of transport from Granada to Toledo is a ride-share service. BlaBlaCar (from $17) leaves daily from the center of Granada and drops you off in the Toledo city center. The ride, a fun way to meet other locals and practice Spanish, takes about 4 hours, 15 minutes.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get From Granada to Toledo?

Taking your own car is the fastest way between Granada and Toledo if driving directly. The 227-mile (365-kilometer) journey takes about 3 hours, 30 minutes. Driving north along Autovías (highways) A-44/European route E-902 and A-4/European route E-5 is fairly straightforward. These highways do not have tolls.

Toledo has several underground paid parking lots and street parking meters. There are also free parking lots and many parking spaces that won't cost you anything, located mostly outside the old town.

How Long Is the Flight?

Flying from Granada directly to Toledo is not possible, but a flight from Granada to Madrid takes only about 1 hour, 10 minutes. However, you will need to then take two short trains to complete the journey, which in total takes approximately 4 hours, 50 minutes. Total costs for the three modes of transportation start at $68 but can end up much higher, depending on the season, how far in advance you purchase, and other factors.

Iberia Airlines flies from Granada Airport to Madrid-Barajas Airport throughout the week. Prices for the one-way flight start at $55. From Madrid, you will ride two trains to get to Toledo. The first 32-minute Renfe Cercanias train departs every 30 minutes from the airport. You will head to Estación de Atocha and transfer to a 33-minute Renfe Viajeros train, which leaves three times a day for Toledo.

How Long Is the Train Ride?

A train from Granada to Toledo takes about 4 hours, 50 minutes. The trip with Renfe AVE is available just once a day, usually at 7:10 a.m. At Puerta de Atocha, there is a one-hour transfer and you will board a second train, which leaves three times a day and takes about 33 minutes. Prices start at $76 for the two trains.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Toledo?

The best time to go to Toledo is from March through June when the temperature is pleasant. However, that is also the peak season, so there are more tourists and higher prices on accommodations and flights. The religious Corpus Christi celebration, Toledo's most prominent event, usually takes place in June. Visitors and locals are dazzled by the decorated cathedral and streets and a procession filled with regal costumes.

What's the Most Scenic Route to Toledo?

Driving is the most scenic route from Granada to Toledo. The World Heritage sites Úbeda and Baeza are located just 5.6 miles (9 kilometers) from each other on the way from Granada. In Úbeda, Plaza Vázquez de Molina and the nearby historic buildings are considered one of the most important examples of Renaissance architecture in Europe. Closer to Toledo, Consuegra boasts several white windmills and a 12th-century castle.

What Is There to Do in Toledo?

Toledo is known for its Christian, Jewish, and Arab monuments within its historic city walls. Visitors enjoy regional wines and cheeses at a variety of restaurants and bars around the Plaza de Zocodover, a square dating back to 1465. El Greco Museum, which honors the Spanish Renaissance painter El Greco and opened in 1911, is another top spot, featuring art from the 16th and 17th centuries. The longest urban zipline in Europe takes off from Old Town Toledo, offering views of the medieval San Martin bridge.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many miles is Toledo from Granada?

    Toledo is 227 miles (365 kilometers) north of Granada.

  • How far is Granada from Toledo?

    By car, Granada is a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Toledo. If you're taking the train, it takes just under five hours to travel between the two cities.

  • How much does the train from Granada to Toledo cost?

    Train tickets from Granada to Toledo start at 63 euros ($76). Keep in mind that you will have to book two separate tickets, as there is no direct train.

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