Gourmet Food Trucks in Los Angeles: This Ain't No Roach Coach

Roaming Gourmet Catering Trucks in Los Angeles

The gourmet food truck craze has taken over Los Angeles, with popular roving catering trucks maintaining a following by using Twitter to let their fans know where they can catch their latest Korean taco or coconut cupcake fix. You can feel like a local by joining the queue for one of these meals or treats on wheels. Following these mobile commissaries on Twitter can have added bonus of letting you in on where a hot nightclub event, festival or free concert is happening, since the trucks follow the crowds.

When I created my initial list of Gourmet Los Angeles Food Trucks, there were only about a dozen on Twitter, and those were the ones I listed. Now there are hundreds, and there's no way I can try them all, so I've listed some I really like or have heard great things about from my friends.

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    The Grilled Cheese Truck

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Truck
    Grilled Cheese Sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Truck. Photo © 2010 Kayte Deioma, used with permission

    Chef Dave Danhi was inspired to create the Grilled Cheese Truck after competing in the annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. His entry, the Cheesy Mac & Rib Melt has become a staple on the mobile menu. It also inspired my own gourmet grilled cheese experiments in the kitchen, raising my cholesterol 10 points. There are now multiple Grilled Cheese Trucks serving LA and Orange County with more around the country and the world.
    Twitter: @grlldcheesetruk
    Website: thegrilledcheesetruck.com

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    The Bollywood Bites Truck

    Food from the Bollywood Truck in Los Angeles
    Food from the Bollywood Truck in Los Angeles. Photo © 2011 Kayte Deioma, licensed to About.com

    Created by Sanjay Patel, former chef to Michael Jackson, the Bollywood Bites Truck offers a combination of restaurant favorites and popular Indian street fare. I'm a little picky about Indian food, but I've enjoyed everything I've tried from the Bollywood Truck.
    Website: www.thebollywoodbites.com

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    Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich
    A Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich with edible wrapper. Photo © 2010 Kayte Deioma, used with permission

    Organic hand-made ice cream sandwiches created by two women architects with a passion for constructing the perfect cookie and ice cream combo. Even the wrappers are edible.
    Twitter: @COOLHAUS
    Website:: www.eatcoolhaus.com

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    The Gastrobus

    The Gastrobus Truck
    The Gastrobus Truck. Photo © 2010 Kayte Deioma, used with permission

    Fresh organic fare from a former Wolfgang Puck chef that's delicious, if not quite health food. Try the pulled pork and sweet potato fries or look for the daily farmer's market specials.
    Twitter: @thegastrobus
    Website:: www.thegastrobus.com

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    Hungry Nomad Truck

    Lentil Salad from Hungry Nomad
    Lentil Salad from Hungry Nomad. Photo © 2010 Kayte Deioma, licensed to About.com

    The Hungry Nomad is an Armenian/Lebanese food truck owned by the family that has operated Sasoun Bakeries in LA and Lebanon for over 50 years. The Fatoush lentil salad is a tasty vegetarian option.
    Twitter @nomadtruck
    Website: hungrynomadtruck.com

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    Border Grill Truck

    Border Grill Truck
    Border Grill Truck. Photo © 2010 Kayte Deioma, used with permission

    From "Too Hot Tamales" Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, owners of the popular Border Grill restaurant on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, comes a mobile menu primarily cruising special events and attractions across LA.
    Twitter @bordergrill
    Website: bordergrill.com

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    The Lobos Truck

    The Lobos Truck is known for their Wachos - waffle-cut fries loaded with toppings nacho-style. 
    Twitter @TheLobosTruck
    Website: thelobostruck.com

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    Free Range

    Free Range is all about fried chicken and all things eggs, served primarily for breakfast and lunch. Unlike most LA food trucks, they post their locations on Instagram instead of Twitter.
    Instagram: @freerangela
    Website: www.freerangela.com