Time For Some Beef At Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse Las Vegas

Steak and Fish And Chips from Gordon Ramsay in Las Vegas

You'll notice the line outside before anything. There will be a group of tourist wanting a picture of the giant Gordon Ramsay Steak sign. The pretty people up front will be happy to check on your reservation and they'll also delight in telling you that if you don't have one you can always go inside and attempt a meal at the bar or the lounge.

I mention this simply because it is peculiar to see so many people drawn to a restaurant simply because of the now larger than life character that Chef Gordon Ramsay has become.

It would seem as if his name can turn something to gold.

Once inside you'll notice the energy immediately. If you were looking for a fine dining experience you're out of luck. This is a modern, approachable version of the pretentious, stuffy restaurants you might be accustomed to. If you like Gordon Ramsay's approach to communication you'll be excited that somebody got it right with the restaurant.

It's edgy, it's louder than you would expect, there are people smiling, laughing, drinking and having a good time. It's a restaurant that celebrates food and the experience of eating while pumping out some serious beef.

You can expect a high quality of service while at the same time feeling like you could order another beer after your steak just to pontificate a bit more.

If I'm you and I did not make a reservation I would eat at the bar, the view is good, the drinks are fabulous and the food is exactly what you'll be looking for.

Oh, the conversation possibilities are great as well.

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Location: Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
3655 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-946-4663

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Cuisine: Steak

Reservations: Suggested.

Price Range: moderate but relative to other steakhouse in Las Vegas, affordable.

Dinner nightly: 5:00 – 10:30pm

Attire: Business casual


What it’s like?
The dining room is full of energy and the view into the kitchen will give you your very own view of the “Kitchen Nightmares” scenario that could possibly play out if Gordon Ramsay was actually cooking in the kitchen. You’ll take a look at the beef cart and fall in love with red meat all over again and the drinks will drive you insane with the need to have more.

Spend some time with the menu on the handheld tablet and try not to let your eyes order for you.

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How’s the food?
You might be heading to Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse because you like the guys personality but you’ll be surprised by the quality coming out of the kitchen. The staff is doing all the typical things right and then boosting their credibility by going a bit further on the steaks. I’ll even tell you that I ate with a vegetarian and the dish that they brought out looked amazing and included top notch ingredients as well as craftsmanship. In other words, if a steakhouse works hard to keep vegetarians happy you can bet they will be going the extra mile for the carnivores in the room.


What you should try at Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse Las Vegas:

  • Rib Cap – When I tell you that you should head straight in and order the rib cap without even hesitating it is because I care about you. If you knew just how rich, how mouth watering, melt on your tongue, perfection this is you would not want to waste anytime. Take your time with it. Allow the flavorful fat to settle on your tongue. Embrace the flavors as they take over your senses. This is an epic journey in beef.
  • Fish and Chips – Whatever you do, don’t order wine with the fish, grab a beer and own the meal. Use your hands if you need to. This dish should have its own section on the menu. I understand it’s a steakhouse but you have to understand that the reason why Gordon Ramsay Steak works for me is because it’s comfortable enough for me to order fish in a place that is a palace for the beef.
  • Beef Wellington – Flaky, flavorful and so pretty to look at. Split this with someone in order to share the love. I love to refer to this as a fancy steak sandwich because it is so good this has to be my version of comfort food. Often times you’ll get a wellington that is a mess of soggy and doughy or too much flaky and inconsistent. Not here, this is what it should be like.
  • Fire Roasted Corn – This side is very much like a side of the road “elote” of my youth. Fire roasted and then a little tangy with my spice. Get two orders because the flavors will make you one of those people that don’t share.
  • Maine Lobster – Chorizo in my lobster. This is the way to start a meal. You’ll love this with a cocktail even though I had it with an acidic white wine.


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