Google's New Train Search Feature Makes Booking Slow Travel Easier Than Ever

See train schedules and prices without leaving the search results page

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Google's newest search feature makes it easier than ever for travelers to take things slow. Now, the company's robust booking platform will also share train schedules and ticket prices when looking for transportation options between two cities. Similar to searching for airfare or booking a hotel, All you need to do is enter your two destinations, followed by the word "trains," and the results will be dropped into your lap directly through the search box. Once you find the best train ride for you, a direct link will be provided to complete your purchase on the booking platform's website. 

Currently, this feature is available in several countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy, and Japan, and Google is also working on expanding to other countries and locations. 

Google search of trains from Paris to London

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The creation of this new feature, along with a few others, is in an effort to provide more sustainable travel options for tourists. The search engine has already added an estimated carbon emissions gauge for flights and is planning to add a "low emissions" filter for flights, and an "eco-certified" filter for hotel stays. The company also has plans to introduce a similar feature for bus tickets in "the near future." Google has also launched eco-friendly routing, allowing passengers to choose the most fuel-efficient route to their destination.

"Over time, we want to make sure that the environmental impact of your travel options is always part of the equation," said Richard Holden, vice president of travel products at Google, in a blog post. "And while there is still a long road ahead on this journey, we believe these new tools bring us one step closer in that direction."

In addition to these eco-friendly features, Google has announced four new Google Maps updates, including a new feature dubbed "Neighborhood Vibes," which will tell you what each neighborhood has to offer—from a delicious food scene to wild nightlife. "We combine AI with local knowledge from Google Maps users who add more than 20 million contributions to the map each day—including reviews, photos, and videos," wrote Chris Phillips, vice president and general manager of Google's Geo Team. Users can also get excited about 250 new landmark aerial views and an update to Google Maps' Live View, allowing users to search for specific things while having Live View on.

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