Good Friday - What's Open and Closed in Charlotte

Good Friday in Charlotte
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Good Friday isn't officially a federal holiday, but that doesn't mean everything is operating as normal. Here in Charlotte, you'll actually find a good number offices, stores, banks, and more that are closed. Good Friday is considered a religious holiday and observance, but there are a lot of places that will be changing their normal operation on this day.

Many people find it a bit odd that government offices would be closed on a holiday that's only religious in nature, but these offices to do out of respect for their employees on this day, since they know that a lot of employees do choose to honor this day.

Here's a look at what's open and what's closed on Good Friday in Charlotte.

Open on Good Friday in Charlotte

All federal offices in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County will be open on Good Friday
South Carolina state offices
Charlotte Mecklenburg branch library locations (but branch locations are closed Easter Sunday)
Most banks will be operating as normal
Buses and light rail (will operate on a normal schedule)
Mecklenburg County Compost Central
Garbage pickup (operates on a normal schedule)
Mecklenburg County ABC stores
South Carolina ABC stores
FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service all operate on a normal schedule on Good Friday

Closed on Good Friday in Charlotte

All North Carolina state offices located in Charlotte and surrounding cities will be closed on Good Friday
Charlotte city offices will be will be closed on Good Friday
Mecklenburg County offices located in Charlotte and surrounding cities
Mecklenburg County court
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

More about Good Friday:

Good Friday is a fairly important Christian celebration, commemorating the passion (or suffering) of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion. Good Friday always falls on the Friday before Easter. Many Christians will spend this day in fasting or in prayer, or in simple meditation throughout the day.

The name "Good" Friday may seem the exact opposite of the events honored, but there are a few factors at play. First, there's the fact that while the actual events of the crucifixion were of course, not "good," what it stood for and the end result are. In Christiandom, the crucifixion led to the redemption of mankind

There's also the fact that "good" used to stand for "holy." Think of it in terms of "Sacred Friday" and you'll have a much better picture of what this day really means.

Of course, Good Friday signals the beginning of Easter in Charlotte. If you're looking to celebrate Easter with a worship service, or with a seasonally fun Easter Egg hunt and party, you'll find plenty of options in Charlotte. Charlotte is often called the "city of churches," so there's no shortage of celebrations no matter what your views on the day and the season are. In fact, many Charlotte churches choose to combine aspects of Easter, and have family fun events that are open to the public along with their Easter services.

Good Friday also signals the start of spring for many residents. If you plan to celebrate spring, be sure to check out the Southern Spring Home and Garden Show. Also be sure to check out the list of Charlotte's best nurseries and garden centers for your spring planting.

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