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Packing my Luggage
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Well, I'm happy to say it's getting to be that time again. Time to start planning that spring golf getaway. That being so, I thought you might find the following Golf Travel Packing Tips helpful. How many times have you gone on vacation, or even a one-day golf outing, only to arrive on the first tee and find you've forgotten to include that one essential ingredient? If you're anything like me, it's happened to you often. And, let's face it, I should know better. Still, at one time or another, it happens to us all.

So, below you'll find a list of things you should never leave home without. I have it printed out and, before I open the garage door, I check them off one by one. I recommend you do the same.

Keys - simple enough, but how many times...?

Wallet - I once drove all the way to the airport only to find I'd left mine at home. I had to go get it and in so doing missed my flight.

Passport - I've done this too: same results as above.

Tickets - this is not so critical as airlines can reprint. Tickets to an event, however, are a different matter.

Pain Relief - well, you can always buy more I suppose.

Prescribed Medications - this one is critical. If you're traveling abroad the chances of you getting replacements are slim at best and expensive when you can.

Snacks - airport and highway snacks are expensive. Shop before you leave home and save.

Drink Dispenser - always an essential on a golf course.

Band Aids - not an essential, just a wise precaution.

Cell Phone - something I can't live without. You can, however, sometimes rent a replacement. Check the local providers.

Cell Phone Charger - I own two of each (wall and car) and I keep one of each in my suitcase.

Laptop Computer - hard to forget, right? Not really. I've managed to do it twice.

Maps - easily replaced, but a nuisance if you have to.

Electrical Adaptor - if you're traveling abroad, this is an essential. They can be found in most large communities but...

Golf Glove - expensive to replace.

Golf Balls - well, you'll probably need extras anyway.

Golf Clubs - I have a friend who has managed to forget his more than once.

Golf Shoes - easily overlooked in the heat of moment.

Sunglasses - if yours are expensive, you won't be pleased if you have to buy and wear a cheap replacement.

Sunscreen - easily replaced but a nuisance if you have to. DO NOT spend long hours out in the sunshine without adequate protection.

ChapStick - again, easily replaced but....

Umbrella - a real pain to lug around. Check the weather before you leave. Maybe you CAN leave it at home.

Rainwear - a rain jacket is essential. You just never know.

Hat - wear it when you travel. Four hours under a tropical sun without protection can do real damage.

Underwear - expensive to buy if you have to.

Socks - I guess you can do without, but those golf shoes can cause nasty blisters.

Belt - an extra belt is always handy. I keep one in my suitcase.

Toiletries - I have a spare set that travels with me wherever I go.

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