Golf-Related Gifts for Women

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    Sundog Eyewear Paula Creamer Collection

    Photo of Paula Creamer Wearing Sundog Sunglasses
    Photo Courtesy of Sundog Eyewear

    During my travels this year, I’ve been talking to the ladies about how they feel about those special days - birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day - and what sort of gifts they would like to receive. Now, I always thought that the women in my world had some fairly important "days in the life," but I didn’t realize just how important they really are (I once made the mistake of asking my wife what she would like for Christmas and then taking her answer, “nothing,” at face value. Never have I been in quite so much trouble). The following is a list of just a few of the products mentioned by the ladies with some enthusiasm:

    The Sundog Eyewear PC Collection offers Paula Creamer's three most popular styles including: a refined fitting Allure (the model Paula wore winning the U.S. Open Championship); the stylish Iconic with laser etched temple artistry; and Captiva, uniquely designed sunglasses for smaller face shapes. To learn all about the Paula Creamer collection of Sundog Sunglasses, please read my full review, the make great gifts for the ladies.

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    Adlens Sundials Variable Focus Sunglasses

    Adlens Sundials with Adjustable Optics
    Photo Courtesy of Adlens
    Now for something quite different: Adlens Sundials, variable focus sunglasses, are a must have essential for golf enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors. Adlens Sundials are the first of  thier kind, allowing users to instantly adjust the strength of the lenses in seconds with the turn of a dial. Available in four colors, Sundials provide UVA/UVB protection while allowing for near, intermediate and distance vision correction - all with a single pair! They make great gifts for men or women, golfers, or not. Read my full review for tech details, where to buy, costs.


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    Kentwool Tour Profile Socks for Women

    Kentwool Tour Profile Socks for Women
    Photo Courtesy of Kentwool Performance
    Kentwool Tour Profile socks for women make great gifts. They are not just comfortable and attractive, they are touted to be “the most technically advanced performance sock for women's golf today.” These Tour Profile socks from Kentwool have been developed specifically for women “seeking performance above anything else.” For more information - where to purchase, sizing and pricing - read my full review of Kentwool Tour Profile socks for women.
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    ECCO Golf Shoes For Women

    Photograph of the ECCO Classic Wing Buckle Women's Golf Shoes
    Photo Courtesy of ECCO Golf

    Not surprisingly, golf shoes came top of the list of the goodies that most golfing ladies would like to receive on Mother’s Day. I chose ECCO for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I own a pair myself and can personally recommend them. I did, however, offer the ladies a choice of several brands. ECCO was the one that garnered the most votes.

    ECCO has long been known for its exclusive direct-injection technology, high-grade leathers, flexibility, durability and, of course, comfort. And comfort is, without doubt, the best recommendation for ECCO's women’s golf shoes. Not only do they offer excellent arch support, the soles themselves have been designed for traction and balance.

    The ECCO brand offers a wide range of both traditional and contemporary, all-weather designs. Each pair of ECCO golf shoes passes through more than 225 pairs of highly-skilled hands during a labor-intensive production process. In the field, they are worn by many international stars, including Juli Inkster, Carin Koch, Laura Davies Fred Couples, Stuart Appleby, Aaron Baddeley, Colin Montgomerie, and Iben Tinning.

    Ok, so what’s the catch? Well, they do tend to be a little on the expensive side: between $110 and $200. Yes, you can find less expensive women's golf shoes but, as we all know, you usually get exactly what you pay for, and I never did like to take chances with cheap shoes. And, if you’re looking for a gift that’s practical, attractive and comfortable, a pair of ECCO Women’s Golf Shoes would certainly fit the bill.

    ECCO Women’s Golf Shoes
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    Women’s Stockholm Knit Sweater from Fila Golf

    Women’s Stockholm Knit Sweater from Fila Golf
    Photo Courtesy of Fila Golf

    For the lady golfer this Stockholm Knit sweater from Fila Golf features a rib “V” neck, long sleeves with stripe finish, rib cuffs and hem, F-box patch logo sewn on bottom right front hem. It’s a slim fit sweater, very stylish and comes in three colors: white (above), navy and black; and comes in sizes XS through 2XL (women’s), and would make a great cold weather gift. The fabric content: 50% Cotton / 50% Acrylic. The cost is $90 and you can get yours at the Fila Golf website.

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    Golf Trunk Organizer

    Photograph of Car Trunk Storage For Golf Gear - The Golf Trunk Organizer
    Courtesy of The Golf Trunk Organizer

    Golf Trunk Organizer Corrals and Protects Your Gear.

    What a mess, 500 tees everywhere. Good to see my four-dozen Pro V1's rolling around. Whoops, there's only one shoe back here, and where is my sun block? Did you ever roll into the parking with this scene unfolding The Golf Trunk Organizer can easily organize this messy situation by providing a golf locker for your car. Special adjustable compartments can hold shoes, over two-dozen balls, tees, spikes, a towel and more. The zip-top cover keeps everything protected and allows for easy portability.

    Obviously designed by avid golfers, other clever touches include a reinforced rubber handle and a breathable mesh area over the shoe compartment to allow moisture to escape. Durable nylon construction. The case stores flat conveniently in your trunk. The compartments are adjustable. Looking good slick! (6"H x 19"W x 15"D). A thoughtful gift for any golfer. Oh, and yes, it won't cost you an arm and a leg. You can get one for just $39.95. They come in red, black or grey.

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    Sunglasses for Lady Golfers - They Look Good and They Protect the Eyes

    Peak Vision Sunglasses
    Photograph Courtesy of Peak Vision Sports

    Sunglasses: The Ultimate Gift for Golfers

    Some people have an inordinate attraction for shiny things: pocket knives, for instance, even guns. For me it's wrist watches. I have more than 30. I also have a thing for sunglasses. Not only do they look good, the very act of putting on a pair makes me feel so much better. There's never a time of year when I'm not considering buying a new pair. With all of the advances in optical technology, style and design, however, buying is not simply a matter of grabbing a pair and heading out into the sunshine. Here are a couple of ideas for you:


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    ECCO Classic Hydromax Golf Shoes for Women

    ECCO Classic Hydromax Golf Shoes for Women
    Photo Courtesy of ECCO Golf

    Ecco Golf Shoes: You have no idea how often shoes came up, although they do seem to be THE most important part of a lady’s wardrobe, even on the golf course. I now have a real insight into the mind of Imelda Marcos. So why ECCO? What’s so great about women’s ECCO golf shoes? Well, for starters, the designs: smart, eye-catching and unique. Read more…

    2. Tote Bags from Keri Golf: Here's a product I know the ladies will love. These totes are attractive, practical and will hold lots of "stuff." Not quite the seemingly bottomless pit my wife carries, but practical enough, I think. Read more...