Golden Nugget Hotel Downtown Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Hotel on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas

It's possible that you stopped heading to downtown Las Vegas once you graduated from college. You very well could have made the decision that you no longer needed $1 shrimp cocktails and fried Oreos. I get it.

Only I have to tell you that you're wrong.

Step into one of the rooms in the rush tower at Golden Nugget and you forget that you ventured downtown. The colors feel modern, the bed feels like the strip and the restroom is so large that you hope you can fit in some time for a bath. The couch beckons naptime, the pillows demand a pillow fight and the counter space has you thinking you should spread your stuff out.

I don't know if I like the large fish tank at the Chart house better than the swim though shark tank at the pool. Do I want, sushi or steak. A cocktail inside or out?

What to Expect at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

If you have decided to stay in Downtown Las Vegas it might be price or nostalgia that has drawn you to the location. You should know that Downtown is becoming a destination. You’ll get great bars and new restaurants as well as lower prices on most everything. The Rush Towers are as nice as any rooms in Las Vegas and the overall hotel is the best on Fremont Street.

What You Might like at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

I like the room rates, the food options and the chance to stay right on Fremont Street where the action is literally outside the front door. There is always something happening and cheap drinks and food are abundant. The hotel feels small compared to the strip properties but that is part of the draw. If you want the overblown resorts you should be on the strip anyway.

What You Might Not like at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

It’s Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas so if you spent extra money for a Rush room and you like the VIP style you’ll be a little disappointed when seeking out attractive wine lists or super high end nightclubs. However, if you get out of your comfort zone and walk up to Fremont Street East you’ll discover a part of Las Vegas that most tourists are not yet experiencing. Hit a dive bar or a good Thai restaurant and you’ll go home with a new appreciation for Downtown Las Vegas.

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My Suggestion for Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Forget that Downtown is hip again with all the cool hipster bars and restaurants opening up, just walking distance from your room. Consider that the Golden Nugget has really changed the look and feel of the hotel. It has always been the place to stay in Downtown for the more discerning visitor but now it looks like any of the other top spots in Las Vegas.

Step outside and discover the hidden spots in Downtown Las Vegas. Micro brews, independent restaurants and artists galleries. Yeah, they are all within walking distance of the Golden Nugget.

Rooms at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Most of the rooms have been recently renovated so the chances of you getting that old Las Vegas feel is gone. While the Rush Tower is the gold standard at the Golden Nugget room sin the other towers will vary enough to get you a good deal but not so much that you are extremely jealous of what the other guests are enjoying. I should mention that the in room amenities vary depending on the tower so if you need fancy body lotion you’ll get that in the Rush Tower but if you want a good clean room for a great deal any spot in the rest of the hotel will satisfy you. Check out pictures of the rooms at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Location: Golden Nugget Las Vegas:
129 E. Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
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Restaurants at The Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Vic & Anthony’s, Chart House, Grotto, Lillie’s Asian Cuisine, Red Sushi, Carson Street Café, Buffet, The Grille

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Entertainment at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Gordie Brown

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Nightclubs, Lounges, and Bars at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Rush Lounge, Gold Diggers, Pool Bar, Claude’s Bar, Ice Bar, Bar 46

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