Going Nude in Utah: Naturist Clubs, Resorts and Information

Travel Clubs, Nude Resorts and Information on Naturism

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Utah is not a state that you would consider if you are looking for a vacation at a nude resort or campground. It's just not a state that has a lot of nude recreation unless you are with a group and make your own. The legendary Beaver Creek Nudist Ranch is just that—a legend. Those who have found the place report back that it is a road and sign and that's it.

Nude Recreation and Naturist Clubs in Utah

Wasatch Naturists - is a nudist/naturist non-landed club in Salt Lake City, Utah. The focus is on nude recreation and the club is open to those over 18 years of age. The club hosts events including nude swims, camping trips and visits to nude hot springs. The Wasatch Naturists follow the principles of The Naturist Society and The American Association for Nude Recreation

Utah Male Naturists - This website provides a sign-up form to join with this group of men (and those who identify as a male) who enjoy social nudity. They offer "nude campouts, house parties, retreats, sporting events, lunches, wine tastings, game parties, etc." This is a non-sexual club for those over 18 years of age who live in Utah and bordering states.

LDS Skinny Dipper Forum - The LDS Skinny-Dipper forum is a "fellowshipping resource" and a "connecting point" for faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world who have a wholesome interest in social nudity under appropriate circumstances.

Hot Springs

There are natural hot springs throughout Utah and surrounding states and most are informally considered clothing optional despite there being a law against nudity at the springs. Even at remote locations, families may be frequenting the springs and so complete discretion is necessary. Most nude bathing takes place at night.


Nudist travel clubs and resorts are protective of those who participate in the clothing-optional lifestyle. There are rules and screening processes to ensure the privacy and safety of members and guests. Resorts often have rules that include no cameras in the public areas, no overt sexual contact in public, and a caution to sit or lie on a towel when nude for sanitary reasons.

Many clubs require that married people join with their spouse. Some clubs do not allow singles. Often single couples are as welcome as married couples. Some clubs, but not all, encourage families to join.

If you are considering joining a club or going to a naturist resort, be sure and contact them first and obtain permission.

In Utah, it is illegal to be nude in front of anyone under the age of 15.

For those curious about being nude and joining other naturists, these questions and comments cover what you might think about but are reluctant to bring up regarding nudism.

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