Going Nude in Texas: Naturist Clubs, Resorts, and Information

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Texas offers opportunities for people who prefer clothing-optional lifestyles and vacations to get out in nature and share social experiences with other naturists. Naturism or nudism refers to those who practice and advocate for the right to the clothing-optional lifestyle. Naturists enjoy being close to nature and communing with others who respect and enjoy the lifestyle, so joining associations, clubs, and going to naturist resorts becomes an important part of their lives. 


Nudist travel clubs and resorts are protective of those who participate in the clothing-optional lifestyle. There are rules and screening processes to ensure the privacy and safety of members and guests. Resorts often have rules that include no cameras in the public areas, no overt sexual contact in public, and a caution to sit or lie on a towel when nude for sanitary reasons.

Many clubs require that married people join with their spouse. Some clubs do not allow singles. Often single couples are as welcome as married couples. Some clubs, but not all, encourage families to join.

If you are considering joining a club or going to a naturist resort, be sure and contact them first and obtain permission.

For those curious about being nude and joining other naturists, here are some questions and comments you might think about but are reluctant to bring up.

Nudist Travel Clubs

Travel clubs are groups of nudists who do not have club-owned property (non-landed) so they travel to places where they can get away sans clothing.

  • Hill Country Nudists is a non-landed nudist/naturist club based in Austin, Texas. The club was founded in the mid-1980s and is primarily a social club promoting nude recreation in Central Texas. The organization includes family memberships.  
  • Dallas Sunbirds is a nudist travel club in the Dallas/Fort Worth area open to couples and singles. 
  • Gulf Coast Nudist Yacht Club is a travel club in the Galveston/Houston area.
  • Healthy Hides of Houston is a nudist travel and social club in Houston.
  • Young Nudists of Texas United is a social nudist group in Texas for ages 18 through 35.

Nudist Resorts

Naturist resorts, many of which have been in operation for decades, provide people with an opportunity to get away for camping or renting a cabin in a natural setting with social activities.

  • Bluebonnet, a naturist park, is situated on 66.5 acres adjacent to Caddo and LBJ National Grasslands in Decatur. They offer accommodations as well as RV and tent camping. Activities include swimming, pool and beach volleyball, nature trails, and tennis.
  • Lone Star Resort, a family-friendly clothing-optional resort, is located in the heart of Texas ranch country on over 45 acres in Navasota. They have one rental travel trailer, tent camping, and RV spaces. Activities include nature trails and swimming pools.
  • The Sahnoans at Star Ranch is a family-oriented nudist community and club that has been in operation since 1957. Accommodations include 10 cabins as well as RV and camping spaces. The ranch is located in McDade which is east of Austin. 
  • Sandpipers Resort is an active adult nudist resort shaded by palm trees that attracts snowbirds as well as vacationers. Accommodations include suites with kitchens and RV spaces. The resort is in Edinburg.

Nude Beaches

  • Hippie Hollow Park is a county park on Lake Travis in Austin. The Park features a steep, rocky shoreline and provides some beautiful views of Lake Travis. This heavily-used park, the only clothing-optional public park (or beach) in Texas, is popular for sunbathing and swimming.
  • UFO Beach, on South Padre Island, is named after a futuristic looking emergency evacuation pod that washed ashore. You will need a four-wheel drive to get there because the closest parking lot is 10 to 12 miles away and it's an unpaved road. This is an unofficial clothing-optional beach popular durning spring break.

More Information on Nudism and Naturism 

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), founded in 1931, is a naturist organization based in the United States. It is the largest organization of its kind in North America. Participating members include approximately 200 nudist resorts, clubs, and businesses. AANR serves over 30,000 members in the United States, Canada, Mexico, French West Indies, Virgin Islands, and St. Martin.

The Naturist Society (TNS) is a naturist organization which publishes the quarterly N Magazine, The Magazine Of Naturist Living, which contains articles on naturist activities. The TNS Naturist Network includes both private nudist resorts and naturist social clubs that agree to TNS standards. Most TNS-affiliated nudist resorts are also chartered by AANR, and so the TNS membership card usually has equal status to the AANR membership card at resorts.

American Association for Nude Recreation, Western States The American Association for Nude Recreation, Western Region, serves the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Participating Resorts and Clubs are listed by state.

Net Nude Texas is a somewhat dated website that has some extensive listings of naturist clubs and resorts including hot springs, nude beaches, naturist resorts and more for the state of Texas.

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