Where to Go Naked in Colorado

Colorado Clubs and Resorts for Nudists and Naturists

Scenic view of meadow and mountains, Boulder, Colorado, USA
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For those curious about being nude and joining other naturists, there are many places in America you can go to strip down. Especially if you go West to states like Colorado, you will find many remote, nature resorts where there are hot springs, spas, and safe spaces to strip down.

Orient Land Trust

Just three hours southwest of Denver, Orient Land Trust is one of the region's best nudist resorts. The clothing-optional property now protects more than 2,200 acres of land bordering the Valley View Hot Springs.

Many people come here for the wildlife and scenery—but expect to see naked hikers and bathers in the hot springs.

Orvis Hot Springs

Orvis Hot Springs is located in Ridgeway, a small town an hour north of Telluride, in the southwest corner of Colorado. This clothing-optional resort sets itself apart thanks to its natural hot springs. They offer seven soaking areas that range in temperature from 98-112 degrees. Four of the soaking areas are outside where you can enjoy the gorgeous Colorado sun and the star-filled evening sky. They also offer an indoor pool and two private tubs, which are great for getting out of the sun or inclement weather. Don't miss getting a massage in one of their spa yurts.

Front Range Naturists Club

Front Range Naturists Club is based in Boulder but serves the Colorado Rockies region from north of Cheyenne to South of Las Vegas, New Mexico. The traveling group's main mission is to educate the general public about social nudity and the etiquette behind being a naturist.

If social nudity in a non-sexual environment is your interest, and you live in the Eastern Rocky Mountains area, this is the place to be.

Mountain Air Ranch

Roughly 40 minutes southwest of Denver, Mountain Air Ranch is set in the foothills, which are abundant with clean mountain air, wildlife, and stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

For more than 80 years, Mountain Air Ranch has served as a family nudist resort. The property sits on 150 acres of land and features amenities such as a pool, hot tub, sauna, and gym as well as courts for volleyball, bocce ball, shuffleboard, and more. There's also a kid's club with a game room and playground. But most people opt to spend time outdoors on the 10 miles of marked private hiking trails. For accommodations, there's a four-room lodge, a private cabin, a camping area, and an RV site with picnic tables.


All of these nudist resorts have strict policies to protect guests. Overt sexual behavior is not tolerated—these are naturist vacation areas, not a sex club. Most hotels also do not allow cameras, photography, or in some cases, cell phones, especially if it is a family-friendly destination where there may be children. Another rule that is common—like at Mountain Air Ranch—is that guests can remain anonymous and only use their first names for privacy. These rules are put in place to make everyone comfortable, safe, and happy on their nudist vacation.