Why You Should Go to Downtown Las Vegas

9 Reasons to Visit Downtown Las Vegas

I once sat on the curb on Fremont Street drinking Dr. Pepper and Southern Comfort waiting for the New Year to approach. I would pick up a lot of coins from the street and fall asleep in the Golden Nugget parking lot. Those were the days when there was no need to stay Downtown unless you were playing poker at The Horseshoe. That is no longer the case and if you want a new version of Las Vegas for your vacation you should really take a look at your options on Fremont Street.

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Downtown Container Park

 Zeke Quezada

Talk about recycling. Imagine a community center, social hot spot and retail mecca where the whole place is second hand. I don’t mean the clothing for sale--or the food--but the actual building. Downtown Container Park on East Fremont Street is that place.

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The D Hotel

 Zeke Quezada

You'll stay at The D because you can appreciate a good deal when you see one. The rooms have all been updated and the atmosphere is really the new Downtown. Spend a little time at the Long Bar and buy a round of drinks for your friends with all the money you'll save on a room. Another option is the El Cortez.

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Carson Kitchen

Carson Kitchen
Zeke Quezada

Why will you go to Carson Kitchen?

"When you start considering the food you should be aware of the simple fact that there is no way you can leave without having the Crispy chicken Skins. You can try to act as if you don’t really enjoy the crust of a fried chicken but you would be lying to yourself."

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The Rush Tower at Golden Nugget

 Zeke Quezada

If you feel the need to splurge on a room you'll be staying at the Golden Nugget. I don't need a shark in my pool but some people do. The rooms are spacious and the food options are the best in Downtown Las Vegas. Room fares here vary from tower to tower so you should be able to keep your budget happy but know that other properties in this area will be significantly cheaper.

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Le Thai

 Zeke Quezada

I'm crazy for drunken noodles. I am. I sit at the bar and order one beer and a big bowl of noodles and it is a tiny slice of Thai Heaven. Pretty simple.

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The Smith Center (I know it's not really Downtown, only it is)

Photo by Geri Kodey

The artist district is really the new Downtown Las Vegas so the name can get a little confusing for Las Vegas visitors. Just know that the gem of the area is the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. It's a few minutes from Fremont Street but it is a serious place to get real entertainment.

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This is why I'm loving Downtown Las Vegas right now. Walk up the street from your Fremont Street hotel. You'll walk in the opposite direction from the Plaza. Make a right on 7th and head to the next street corner. Just when you think you are lost you'll find the best spot to have breakfast and lunch in Downtown Las Vegas. You'll question yourself but understand that this what a real traveler does. Get out of your comfort zone and have some real good comfort food.

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Coney Island Dog at The D

 Zeke Quezada

It's criminal that I'm telling you to go looking for a hot dog but after a late night at one of the new bars on Fremont street or even if you just wake up hungry in the middle of the day go over and have a pretty good $4 hot dog. I'm a sucker for a cheap meal.

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Beers and Happy Hour at Main Street Brewery

Happy Hour! That is all you need to know. Oh yeah, they have a ton of spots to watch a game and if you are a simple eater who needs beers and wings you'll be happy. Great prices, plenty of seats and a good place to watch a game.

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