Going 1st Class at Barclays Center

Glitzy like Vegas not basic like Brooklyn

Barclays Center

Barclays Center, New York City's first new major sports and entertainment indoor arena to open in over 40 years, offers various levels of luxury, from over-the-top to just plain nicer-than-average seats and environments.

"The Vault"—Super Deluxe at the Barclays Center, in Jay-Z & Beyoncé Style

The "Vault" is where one finds the most expensive seats, or more precisely, "suites," in the house. Each suite has eight super-comfortable seats, the best views, flat-screen TVs, and various amenities, a private concierge included, fit for a czar.

The price of a Vault at Barclays Center is dazzling, costing about a half-million dollars per year (though the Wall Street Journal priced it higher, at $550,000)—with a minimum three-year commitment.

If you happen to be the deep-pocketed individual who springs for this sweet spot, you can hobnob with other business moguls while drinking at a private champagne bar in the arena, called the Armand de Brignac Champagne Bar, attend any and every Barclays Center event, from Nets and other sporting events, to concerts and family entertainment, that your heart desires. And you get a private concierge, too, to tend to your every whim. (About the butlers at Barclays, one wonders: should they have a proper Jeeves-like British accent?

Or street-smart attitude and a homey Brooklyn accent?)

During the unveiling of the arena, much publicity trumpeted the fact that the ostentatiously upscale Vaults concept was inspired by Shawn Corey Carter, also known as Jay-Z, the Brooklyn-born rap star and business mogul with a small share of the Barclays Center ownership, who also opened the stadium in the autumn of 2012 with a series of sold-out concerts.

Luxury Suites and Private Bars & Lounges

In addition, the stadium offers:

  • 101 luxury suites
  • four bars/lounges including the High Point Solutions Lounge on the Suite Level
  • four clubs: the Honda Club, TicketsNow Club, South Club and the Calvin Klein Courtside Club
  • one of Jay-Z's own chain, the 40/40 Club, and Restaurant.

Loge Box Seats

The Loge boxes offer lower level seating location with convenient access to the VIP entrance so celebs can make a fast escape. These seats also have what Barclay's promoters call "spectacular sight lines", and all-you-can-eat food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Imagine all this, in humble Brooklyn.