Glen Ivy Hot Springs Resort

Getting Dirty at Club Mud Can Be Relaxing

Pools at Glen Ivy Hot Springs
••• Pools at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Glen Ivy Resort in Corona, California is an 11-acre, deluxe day spa centered around natural mineral springs and red clay mineral baths that earned it the nickname "Club Mud."

It's a relaxing place to spend a day, with a laid back ambiance that makes everyone feel comfortable, regardless of their body's appearance. It's more than just a place to get a spa treatment, with an admission fee that gives you access to many of its facilities.

I think Glen Ivy is one of the most relaxing and fun day spas in California. The surroundings are beautiful, with plenty of ways to relax included in the basic admission fee. The staff is pleasant, and everything is extraordinarily well-kept.

Reasons to Go to Glen Ivy

The mud baths at Glen Ivy are reason enough to go. Smearing mud all over the body can send the most serious of adults into giggles, and your skin will feel smooth and soft afterward.

You can go to Glen Ivy, pay the general admission fee and hang around relaxing all day for a reasonable price. Their spa treatments are also excellent.

Reasons to Skip Glen Ivy

The lovely landscaping attracts bees, which can be a hazard in some locations. For some, it's an annoyance, but skip it if you're allergic - or be prepared.

Glen Ivy is an hour or more drive from Los Angeles. That's not an issue if you live there, but if you're in LA for a vacation, you need to know that going to Club Mud will take up one entire day of your trip.

What You Need to Know Before You Go

General admission (which they call Taking the Waters) includes the use of 19 pools and mineral water baths, saunas, steam rooms, clay mud treatment and daily fitness and wellness classes.

The on-site cafe provides an excellent selection of salads and hot foods at reasonable prices.

Food and drink are not included in the admission fee.


Club Mud also offers a wide variety of massage, skincare, nail care and body treatments. You can even get a massage in a private outdoor pavilion. And they have services just for men, too. Check current rates

They also offer an aloe vera/seaweed moisturizer soak in a moist, manmade cave called the Grotto. It sounds nice, but seems overpriced - and I didn't think my skin got much benefit from it.

Tips for Visiting Glen Ivy Resort

A few tips may help you enjoy your visit:

  • To make the most of your visit, get there early and plan to stay all day.
  • Bring a swimming suit, but an old one might be best. The red clay and The Grotto moisturizer treatment can stain fabrics, especially light-colored ones.
  • Bring a cover-up or robe. They don't provide one.
  • Mineral water tarnishes silver jewelry. Take it off when you get there or leave it at home.
  • If you do the mud bath, more is not better. Shower first and spread only a thin layer. Otherwise, you'll be hanging around a long time waiting to dry.
  • If you're allergic to bee stings, have lunch inside, pay attention to your surroundings and wear sandals to avoid stepping on one. And bring an Epi-Pen just in case.
  • Bring something to take your wet swimsuit home in.
  • Glen Ivy closes on some major holidays. Check their current hours.
  • During the summer, Glen Ivy can reach capacity. When that happens, they still let guests in who have pre-booked treatments. If you are going then and aren't having a treatment, plan to arrive early - or call before you go to avoid making a long drive for nothing.
  • Also during the summer, Glen Ivy offers extended hours and an evening program that includes entertainment and movie nights - and reduced admission if you arrive in late afternoon.

Glen Ivy Discounts and Coupons

Glen Ivy always offers discounts for anyone over age 65, military, police, firefighters, nurses, teachers.

General admission is free on your birthday, but only if you purchase a 50- or 80-minute spa treatment. And you have to bring ID to prove the date.

You may be able to get discounts for Glen Ivy through Groupon. Coupon codes sometimes show up RetailMeNot and don't forget to check current specials on the Glen Ivy website.

How to Get to Glen Ivy

25000 Glen Ivy Rd.
Corona, CA

Visit Their Website

Glen Ivy Resort is 58 miles from Los Angeles and 87 miles from San Diego. Visitors must be at least 16 years old and at least 18 for spa treatments.