Top Gift Ideas for the Oklahoma Sooners Fan

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Trying to find just the right gift for that Oklahoma Sooners fan in your life? Check out these gift ideas for everyone who holds OU near and dear to their hearts. From merchandise to little-known, unique treasures, you can undoubtedly find something here to give for any occasion.

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This is the easy one. If they love the Sooners, give them something they can wear to show it. Hats, t-shirts, dress shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, visors... You name it. You can probably find it. Also, check out watches or other jewelry options.

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If it's holiday season, you can bet the Oklahoma football team is headed to a bowl game, and tickets may be available. But regardless of the time of year, there's probably a Sooners sporting event going on somewhere. Check the link to buy tickets directly from OU.

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From pendants to framed lithographs, get that special Sooners fan something truly unique. How about an autographed jersey, a replica helmet or an engraved wood football? These are the things that you don't see every day, the items to make any Sooners collection complete.

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Every style of OU clock you can conceive is probably available. But that's not all. Get figurines, ornaments, wall decorations, lamps and more to decorate your home, inside and out, with everything Oklahoma Sooners. Heck, you can even go into the world of furniture for complete saturation by adding OU mats, rugs, blankets, barstools and picture frames.

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Tableware and Tailgaiting

If you're a regular on Jenkins outside of the stadium, you need all the paraphernalia, from chairs and coolers to flags and games. But no matter where you watch the game, do it in OU style. Cups, mugs, glasses, and even chip and dip bowls with the OU logo are great gift ideas for Sooners fans. Give them an insulated coffee mug or a set of Oklahoma shot glasses.

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100 Glorious Years of Oklahoma Football

This book by J. Brent Clark is like the ultimate fact sheet of Oklahoma Sooners football history. From its publication, anything that happened over the previous 100 years of the OU program is documented, and your favorite Sooners fan will find an incredible amount of interesting tidbits.

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Other Books By or About Famous Sooners

The above book is not the only option, of course. "The Undefeated" is about the magical streak of 47 straight wins under legendary coach Bud Wilkinson. "I Remember Bud Wilkinson" tells personal memories of the man from the people who knew him. "Faith of the Sooners" is an inspiring collection of sports stories. And "An Autumn Remembered" traces that magical 1956 season. Whatever your Sooners fan's interest, certainly there is a book to fit it.

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University of Oklahoma Roses

In 2012, FTD launched the FTD College Rose Collection, and the University of Oklahoma roses were among the original bouquets offered. The flowers are bi-colored crimson and cream, complemented with a colored keepsake vase etched with the University of Oklahoma logo.

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