Holiday Gift Guide for Every Traveler in Your Family

Looking for the perfect gift for every globetrotter in your life? These items are sure to delight without busting your budget. (If you don't see the ideal fit, consider a travel gift card.)

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For the Movie-Night Enthusiast

ASUS ZenBeam E1 Mini Projector

Want to add instant fun to your next getaway? Pack the portable, palm-sized ASUS ZenBeam E1 mini projector and turn any wall into an impromptu movie theater with crisp, HD visuals on up to 120-inch-diagonal projections. The set-up is simple and straightforward, allowing you to stream content from devices and gaming consoles.

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For the Diehard Diarist

Smash Book Travel Journal

The Smash Book is a travel journal on steroids. This clever notebook comes with a glue pen that lets kids enhance their written words with ticket stubs, photos, and other mementos. This makes a fun, creative stocking stuffer.

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For the Little Cuddler

Zip and Flip Travel Pillow

An adorably squishy plush toy that turns into a travel pillow? Genius, we say. Kikkerland Zip and Flip Travel Pillow starts out as a cute bear (or whale or penguin) and then unzips and flips into a comfy neck pillow. (Though our bet is the bear will get more play time.) 

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For the Road Trip Videographer

Swann Navigator HD Dash Camera

For folks who love scenic road trips, dash cams can record the splendor around you as you simply enjoy the drive. The all-black 2-inch Swann Navigator HD Dash Camera is easy to set up and makes for a discrete cam with a wide 140-degree view that doesn't distract. Just mount the camera on your windshield, plug it in, and as long as your car is running, you're recording. 

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For the Instagram Star

Camera Lens for iPhone

The little Olloclip 4-In-1 is guaranteed to take your iger's photos to the next level. The clip-on device adds little bulk yet opens up a world of possibilities with fisheye, wide-angle, 10x and 15x lenses. Available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

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For the Preoccupied Traveler

Kodak CFH-V20 180-Degree HD WiFi Video Monitoring Surveillance Camera

Know anyone who likes to keep an eye on what's happening at home when they're away? Kodak's affordable CFH-V20 180-Degree HD WiFi Video Monitoring Surveillance Camera is smarter than the average home-watching device for the price, offering HD live-streaming and a ton of nifty features you normally see in higher-priced models.

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For the Backseat Brigade

Rockstar Multi-Headphone Splitter

Do your kids hate taking turns with the iPad? The Rockstar is here to save the day. Plug the splitter into your tablet, add up to five sets of headphones, and voila!—let the backseat movie party begin. This is a stocking stuffer you'll use again and again.

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For the Shutterbug

Splat Flexible Tripod

Looking for a light, unbulky tripod? The Splat has legs strong enough to carry a 1.5-lb camera yet flexible enough to grab onto pretty much anything. It can even be hung off a nail. Pack it up by wrapping tightly around the camera or flatten it—splat!—like a pancake and slide into a bag or suitcase.

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For the Art Fiend

Ohio Art

The mini version of the classic Etch-a-Sketch with its magic screen and white knobs is a fun tableau for sketching on the go—plus you get the fun of shaking to erase. With no batteries required, this is a slam-dunk stocking stuffer.

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For the Safety-Focused Driver

Secur Emergency Flashlight & Powerbank 5000
Secur Products

The perfect stocking stuffer for loved ones who drive, this handy four-in-one gadget from Secur is an emergency flashlight, powerbank for recharging mobile devices, seatbelt cutter and window breaker. In other words, it belongs in every glove compartment.

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For the Power Tripper

Power Charger with Lightning Cable

The problem with most portable chargers is that you need to carry a lightning cable to recharge your device. The Ventev Portable Charger streamlines your packing thanks to its attached charging cable, plus it can hold a charge worth up to 12 hours of talking and texting. Fewer cables plus tons of power? Plug us in. (Need even more power? We also love the Ventev Powercell 6000+ combo wall charger and battery pack.)

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For the Littlest Listener

Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones
Kidz Gear

Do you worry about your little one wearing headphones with wires? A great solution is Kidz Gear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, which are lightweight, comfy, and designed for young kids age 2 and up.

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For the Plugged-In Parent

Road Rockstar Charging Station

So many gadgets, so few USB ports? Not a problem when you've got the Road Rockstar, a quadruple USB charger (two ports in the front seat, two in the back) that ensures there's always enough juice to go around. 

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For the Rough 'n Fumbler

STM Dux iPad Case

Speaking of iPads, they ain't cheap. All the more reason to enshrine yours in a STM Dux iPad Case to make it virtually indestructable and (hopefully) kid-proof. If you've got a kid who loves hogging the iPad, this is money well spent.

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For the Futurist

Google Cardboard

Always planning your next trip? Give your family a preview of new destinations through virtual reality, now super affordable thanks to Google Cardboard. It's sure to be the coolest gadget under the tree. 

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