Legends of Honduras

When you travel you get to learn about all sorts of interesting stuff. But my favorite aspects are all of those that make each culture unique and colorful. During a visit to Honduras, I was able to learn a few ghost stories that I found fun and interesting. They are a huge part of their history and a lot of people believe in them.

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La Sucia

A bride on her wedding day
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This is one of the most well known in  Honduras. There are also variants of it through the rest of  Central America and  Mexico.

This is the story of a gorgeous lady who lived with her parents. When she was 15 she met a boy and fell in love. He went to her parents and asked for her hand in marriage because they knew about his family and he had a reputation of a hard worker they immediately accepted.

The day of the wedding the friar asked for a document where it stated that they had both been baptized. But she didn’t have it. So the friar did not marry them.  

The girl fell into such a dark depression that she ended up going mad. The boy lost all hope of ever being able to marry her and left. That was when she decided to never take off her wedding dress.

One day while walking by a nearby river she heard that her loved one was going to marry some other girl. This made her feel so sad and desperate that she started running and screaming until she found a cliff from where she jumped off. Her soul was left on this earth, searching for her loved one.

She can be found at night near lakes, still in her wedding dress and tends to appear in front of men. Her beauty brings men to her but once they are close she turns into something horrible. They go mad after seeing such an awful creature.  

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El Sisimite

Big Footprint
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According to the legend, sisimite is a horrible monster that is described as a Big Foot, or Yeti lookalike.

It is some sort of huge monkey with long hair that looks strong and lives deep in forests and in the tallest mountains of the region. It only leaves the depths of forests to search for women that it kidnaps and take into its cave.

The most famous story is that of a woman that, after years of being kidnapped and having his 3 children managed to escape from with them. When the monster found out, he followed her and his kids.

In her desperation, she crossed a river leaving her kids behind. El sisimite then drowned the kids as revenge against the woman. 

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El Cadejo

El Cadejo
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El cadejo is a mythical animal that tends to follow people at night as some sort of guardian. It has the shape of a large black dog with eyes that look like fire and huge teeth. Most of the times it follows drunken people on the streets. He helps them find their way home safely or stays near them if they fall asleep so that they don’t get robbed.  

There are stories that involve other dogs, such as a white one. This is the one that follows drunken women and there is also a gray one which cares for lonely kids.  

It is also said that whenever someone is being followed by one of these dogs, negative spirits won’t get close. 

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Hunted House of Copan

Hunted House of Copan
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This story is about a tiny house located over a green hill where cows eat and hang out. No one has lived in it for a long time. People say that anyone who tries to live in it dies before they have the time to leave it.  

People from ​Copan say that they can hear horrible screams coming from the inside. So locals, afraid of suffering some kind of disgrace avoid walking past this tiny, cute house.

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