From Barcelona, Madrid and Basque Country to Zaragoza

This Aragonese city is very well connected by train

Flying to Zaragoza? This city in north-east Spain, on the high-speed rail route from Madrid to Barcelona, is well connected to many of Spain's most popular destinations. The city of Zaragoza itself is not worth much of your time.

The Aljafería Moorish castle is the most important ​artifact of Islamic rule in Spain outside of Andalusia. There are also some interesting Roman city walls and two cathedrals. But the city doesn't need more than a day's visit. Below you'll find details of how to get from Zaragoza to various destinations in Spain.

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How to Include Zaragoza on Your Trip

Zaragoza cathedral
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Zaragoza Airport Transfer

The 501 bus will get you from the airport to Zaragoza quickly and cheaply. 

Zaragoza as a Stop en Route to the Basque Country

Zaragoza is on the way from both Madrid and Barcelona to the Basque Country. As a big city on the map, it might be tempting to visit Zaragoza on the way. And while, yes, there are some interesting sights, we would recommend Logroño instead, for its excellent tapas culture. If traveling from Barcelona to San Sebastian, a better stop en route is Logroño, one of the best cities to visit in Spain for tapas.

Taking a Day Trip to Zaragoza from Madrid or Barcelona

There are far more interesting places to visit from Spain's biggest cities for the day including day trips from Barcelona or the day trips from Madrid.

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How to Get from Zaragoza to Barcelona

Parc Guell in Barcelona in June
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The train from Zaragoza to Barcelona takes about an hour-and-a-half and costs about 75 euros. This is the quickest way to get from Barcelona to Zaragoza, but also the most expensive. This is the high-speed AVE train line between Barcelona and Madrid.

Trains from Barcelona to Zaragoza depart from Barcelona Nord train station. There are regular buses throughout the day between Barcelona and Zaragoza. The journey takes 3h30 hours and costs about 20 euros. Buses from Barcelona to Zaragoza depart from Barcelona Nord bus station.

Barcelona to Zaragoza by Car

The 300km drive from Barcelona to Zaragoza takes about three hours. You will spend most of the journey on the AP-2. Remember that AP roads have tolls on them. Unless traveling in a larger group, it will be cheaper to travel by bus.

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How to Get to Madrid

view from a tour bus in Madrid
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The train from Zaragoza to Madrid takes about 1h30 and costs about 60 euros. This is the quickest way to get from Madrid to Zaragoza, but also the most expensive.

Trains from Madrid to Zaragoza depart from Puerta de Atocha train station. The journey from Madrid to Zaragoza by bus takes about 4 hours. Most buses from Madrid to Zaragoza depart from Avenida de America bus station, though a couple a day leave from Mendez Alvaro. 

Madrid to Zaragoza by Car

The 320km journey from Madrid to Zaragoza takes about 3h30, traveling mainly on the A-2.​

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There are two trains a day from Zaragoza to Bilbao. The bus, which is more frequent and takes four hours.

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San Sebastian

bar top tapas

It ​takes about three-and-a-half hours by train to reach San Sebastian.

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Trains from Zaragoza to Logroño take a little over two hours.

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Men running with the bulls in Pamplona
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Train times from Zaragoza to Pamplona can vary but can take one hour and forty-five minutes, which makes it a good arrival point for visiting the Pamplona Bull Run at the San Fermin Festival.

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