Ways to Get to the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House
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Sydney is a tourism hot-spot, and one of the most popular and busiest cities in Australia. There are plenty of iconic spots to tick off your bucket list during your stay in the Harbour City – but visiting popular destinations like the ​Sydney Opera House doesn’t need to be a huge headache!

There are plenty of convenient ways to get there, from wherever it is you’re staying.

Walk to the Opera House

If the weather permits, heading to the Sydney Opera House by foot is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the city. There are plenty of scenic walking routes to take, depending on where you’re staying.

Those staying in The Rocks need only walk down to Circular Quay, from which the Opera House should be clearly visible. If you are staying in the city center or in the Hyde Park area, heading due north along Macquarie Street is a brief, yet culturally-rich walk.

Once you arrive at Circular Quay, you’ll instantly be able to spot the Opera House, and it will only take you between five and seven minutes to get there after a refreshing walk beside the water. 

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Take the Train

Many locals in Sydney take advantage of the public transport systems in place, and travelers should be no different. Taking a train to Circular Quay should be no problem, and from there, the Opera House is just a short walk.


All trains in Sydney either directly or indirectly lead to the City Circle, so if you aren’t able to head straight to the Quay from where you are, getting off in the city is the next best thing, and only a slightly further walk.

Ride a Bus

Taking the bus is another cost-effective and local way to see Sydney and travel to the Opera House. For information on suitable departure times and stops, consult Sydney Buses or NSW Transport.

Shuttle buses are also available for pre-organized drop-offs and pick-ups for less-mobile travelers.

Hop in a Car

Renting a car gives you the freedom to see as much of Sydney as you want while remaining completely on your own schedule. If you will be driving to the Opera House, there is underground parking available for a fee.

There are also limited bike parking spaces underneath the Sydney Opera House Monumental Steps, though locks are not provided.

Catching a taxi is a great option for those who’d prefer less walking, and taxi stands can be found throughout the city center. If you’re staying further out or can’t find a taxi stand, ringing and booking one in advance is a good idea.

As part of the Opera House’s passenger drop-off system, taxis are able to drop off passengers at a designated area in the vicinity of the Macquarie St. Gatehouse entrance. There is also a taxi stand on the eastern side of Macquarie St., which visitors are guided to upon leaving.

Wade Through the Harbors

There is no better way to get into the Sydney spirit than to travel by water through its iconic harbors.

Water taxis are a common method of travel for locals, and it’s easy to catch one directly to the Opera House.

Taking the ferry is another option, which will give you the added bonus of seeing other sights at its stops along the way. Whether you’re staying in the north at Manly, the west at Parramatta or the south at Watsons Bay, ferries will travel along the Parramatta River, through Sydney Harbour, and the Pacific to get you to the Opera House.

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