How to Get To and From Lisbon and Faro

Traveling from the Portuguese capital to the Algarve in a snap

Portugal, Lisbon, view of Alfama neighborhood
••• Lisbon's Alfama neighborhood. Westend61/Getty Images

The port town of Faro is a popular arrival point for visitors to Portugal, as the sunny shores of the Algarve attract many budget flights to bring tourists in search of summer fun. But Portugal is culturally rich and worth exploring, so why not add some spice to your vacation and check out Lisbon as well? The capital also attracts a lot of summer tourists and boasts an array of interesting attractions.

You can also book Portugal tours from Lisbon and take day trips from both Lisbon and Faro.

If you are only flying to Faro to take a train to ​Lisbon, consider going via Porto instead—its connections with Lisbon are better, and the city and its surrounding wineries are amazing in the summer months.

What's the Best Way to Make the Journey?

The train is a little quicker but a bit more expensive than the bus. Unless you really hate buses, I would make my decision based on which station is closest to your accommodation in Lisbon, as Faro is so small it won't affect your departure from there one way or another. 

Train and Bus: Cheap and Convenient

There are two types of trains that go from Lisbon to Faro. The journey takes just under three hours if you take the fast train (Alfa Pendular) or three hours and forty-five minutes (if you take the Intercidade). Both cost about 25€: pay attention to the trip time when booking.

The bus from Lisbon to Faro takes about three hours and forty-five minutes and costs about 20€. You can book from Rede Expressos or RENEX. Both bus companies offer comparable prices and journey times. Here is a list of Lisbon train and bus stations and Faro train and bus stations to help you find the quickest route.

Car: Scenic, But Beware of Toll Roads

The journey from Lisbon to Faro takes about two hours and forty-five minutes and is about 280km, traveling mainly by the A2 road. Note that this is a toll road, which may push your travel costs up significantly. Unless ​you're traveling with a full car, you might find it cheaper and easier to travel by bus or train.

While it may be a more expensive option, the drive is scenic, and it gives you the option of going visiting Evora and the Alentejo wine regions.

Plane: Worth the Hassle?

There are flights from Lisbon to Faro but they cost about 160€ one way. Flights take 45 minutes but the train is cheaper and quicker when taking into account check-in time and transport to the airport.