Getting to the Hill of Crosses From Vilnius

The massive collection of crosses is how the Hill of Crosses earned its name
Kerry Kubilius

If you are interested in travel to Lithuania, it’s likely you have heard of the Hill of Crosses. It’s likely, too, that you’re curious about how to get there so you can see this sacred place of pilgrimage and memory for yourself.

Taking the Train to Šiauliai

Getting to Šiauliai, the city near where the Hill of Crosses stands, from Vilnius is relatively easy via public transportation. The train is the fastest option at two-and-a-half hours; one runs regularly between Vilnius and Klaipeda with a stop in Šiauliai.

Train departure and arrival times can be checked at the website. From the main website, click the “en” at the top for English language and “passenger transportation" in the left-hand corner. Choose Vilnius as your departure station and Šiauliai as your arrival station. Then specify on what date you would like to travel.

The Vilnius train station is located at Gelezinkelio 16, in the southwestern part of Old Town. A variety of buses and trolleybuses go there, but if the weather is nice, it’s also possible to walk there from points of interest in Old Town. Buy your ticket at the train station. Lithuanian language skills aren’t necessary. Just say “Šiauliai” (pronounced, roughly, show-LAY) or write it down and show it to the person behind the counter. That will get you a ticket on the next train to Šiauliai, but you want to be sure to buy it at least 30 minutes before the train leaves. If you’re traveling in a group, it’s better to buy it even earlier if you want to sit together during the ride.

Digital signs will show you which platform and track to wait at for the train. Your ticket tells you what car and what seat you are assigned to—any rail service staff member can help you find your place. Stops are announced over a loudspeaker, first in Lithuanian, then in English. The upcoming stop is announced, then the next (kitas) stop follows. When you hear that the next stop will be Šiauliai, the train will stop at the immediate station and the following stop will be Siualiai. If you are uncertain, ask at the stop before you get off the train.

Bus From Šiauliai to the Hill of Crosses

Out of the train station, turn left at Dubijos Street, then right on Tilzes. You will buy your ticket from the driver on the bus. You are looking for the bus labeled Šiauliai – Joniškis.

Get off the bus at the Domantai stop. It isn’t labeled, but if you let the bus driver know where you are going, they can make sure to stop at Domantai. Watch for the brown sign that says “Kryžių kalna,” which will let you know you are near. Once you get off the bus, follow the arrow down the road (about 2 kilometers) to where the Hill of Crosses is located. You’ll see it from a distance.

Back to Šiauliai

You can either walk back to the Domantai stop and wait for the bus, or you can walk across the street to the souvenir/information shop and ask for someone there to call you a taxi. This may be the best option because some travelers have had difficulty catching the right bus back to Šiauliai. Depending upon where you want the taxi driver to drop you. You can explore the town with the time you have left, visit the shopping center near the bus station, or get a bite to eat before taking the train back to Vilnius.

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