How to Get to Consuegra From Madrid and Toledo

Aerial view of the town of Consuegra.

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Consuegra is the home of the world-famous windmills in the region of La Mancha, which is one of the quintessential symbols of Spain. They were famously mistaken for giants by Don Quixote in the 17th-century novel by Miguel de Cervantes and have become so iconic they are referred to in a famous saying about a fruitless pursuit: tilting at windmills. Or you might have become familiar with Don Quixote and his windmills in the 1964 musical "Man of La Mancha." Originally there were 13 windmills at Consuegra; now 12 have been restored, and you can take a tour of them. Consuegra Castle, built by the Moors, who were then ruling the area in the 10th century, stands guard over the town from the top of a hill. The architecture has been changed over time, but a tour will show you what life was like inside a medieval Moorish castle in Spain.

Consuegra is also famous for its saffron flowers, which turn the fields purple in October. The prized spice is celebrated in the same month at the Saffron Rose Festival.

Consuegra is close to Madrid and makes an interesting day trip through the beautiful Spanish countryside. You can include a stop at Toledo on the way to Consuegra, or stay there overnight after a visit to Consuegra and explore that city the next day. There are no trains or flights to Consuegra, so you must travel there by bus or car.

Madrid to Consuegra by Bus

The Samar bus company runs regular buses from Madrid's Méndez Alvaro bus station to Consuegra. The journey takes less than 2.5 hours, so you can make this a day trip with no need for overnight accommodations. ​Aisa also has bus routes from Madrid to Consuegra, but they are not as regular as Samar's.

Madrid to Consuegra by Car

Madrid is about 83 miles from Consuegra, an easy drive on the A-4 of about 1.5 hours. This makes a nice day trip with a stop for lunch.

Toledo to Consuegra by Bus

Samar buses depart throughout the day from the Toledo bus station and take around 1.5 hours to get to Consuegra. It is easiest to book this bus in person at the bus station. Check at the bus station to be sure the route is still running; the Samar website does not show this route, so you must check with the bus station in Toledo.

Toledo to Consuegra by Car

The 40-mile trip from Toledo to Consuegra takes around 40 minutes along the CM-42.

Where to Stay

There are a handful of hotels near Consuegra. Choose this option if you'd like to spend some leisurely time in the village. Toledo offers many hotel options, along with regular public transportation to Consuegra if you do not have a car, and that is an option if hotels are booked on Consuegra.

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