Getting To and From the Vancouver Airport (YVR)

Traveling To and From YVR, the Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver, BC

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The Vancouver International Airport--also known as YVR (the specific code for the Vancouver Airport)--is located in Richmond, BC, about 30 minutes south (by car) from downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
3211 Grant McConachie Way
Richmond, BC V7B 0A4
(604) 207-7077

Map to the Vancouver International Airport YVR

There are many options for getting to and from the Vancouver Airport:

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    Canada Line Rapid Transit

    Canada Line
    ••• Canada Line. Image Courtesy of Translink

    The easiest way to get to and from the Airport is the Canada Line rapid transit system, which runs north-south from YVR to Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver. There is a Canada Line station at the Airport that is easy to access--signs are clearly marked to help you walk to and from the the Canada Line YVR platform--and the trains run daily from 5am to 12:56am.

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    Public Buses

    TransLink, which runs Vancouver's public transit, has online planning tools that will allow you plan your trip to or from the Vancouver Airport by bus. This option may double or triple your travel time, so take that into account. If possible, take a bus to the Canada Line (see above) for faster travel. See also: Guide to Vancouver Public Transit.

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    Private Buses & Shuttles

    Cheaper than taxis but also less convenient, there are private bus companies with stops at the Vancouver Airport. Quick Shuttle makes stops in downtown Vancouver (near the major hotels) and at YVR. If you are staying at a hotel in Vancouver, ask if the hotel has its own Airport shuttle service. 

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    If you arrive at the Airport after 1am but before 5am, the Canada Line isn't an option. But, like all airports, there are taxis waiting outside baggage claim to take you to your destination. (These taxis are safe.) A taxi from the Airport to downtown Vancouver is about $40, depending on traffic. Ask drivers for an estimate before you accept a ride. 

    Note: While Vancouver may get Uber in 2017 (or another future date), there is currently no Uber in Vancouver, BC.

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    By Car

    If you're dropping someone off or picking someone up at the Vancouver Airport, taking your own car is the simplest option. To park overnight or for several days at YVR, there is YVR's JetSet Parking. The JetSet Parking site lets you "book" online and will give you a quote for your parking costs. The longer you park, the better the value. One night runs about $25, but one week (a Monday to a Monday) runs around $70 (depending on travel dates).  

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    Getting to Whistler from the Vancouver Airport

    Whistler, BC, is about 2.5 hours (by car) from the Vancouver Airport. There are several options for getting to Whistler from YVR:

    • The YVR Whistler SkyLynx bus runs from 8:30am and 9pm, and is the "official" bus to and from YVR to Whistler; it leaves from the Airport. Find step-by-step instructionshere. 
    • The Whistler Shuttle is a private service that runs from 8:30am to 11:30pm.
    • If your flight arrives after 10pm, you will need a late-night transfer. Ride Booker has info on late-night ride share vans and other late-night options. Some options can be expensive, so plan in advance!