How to Get Tickets to the Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games are approaching, and visitors are preparing their schedules for their stay. The Olympics will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, beginning with the Opening Ceremony on August 5 and ending with the Closing Ceremony on August 21 in the famous Maracanã Stadium. The Olympics will take place at venues in four zones in the city of Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana, Maracanã, Deodoro, and Barra, which will be linked by public transport. In addition, Olympic soccer matches will be hosted at stadiums in six Brazilian cities: Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Salvador, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, and São Paulo.

According to a recent report, only half of the available tickets have been sold. In fact, Brazil’s minister of sports, Ricardo Leyser, claims that the government may give out purchased tickets to children of public schools in an effort to increase attendance. While it is common for there to still be available tickets before the Games begin, there are several reasons for Rio 2016's large lag in sales, including Brazil's recession, fears over the Zika virus, and concerns over preparations for the Olympic Games. What this means for you is that tickets for many 2016 Olympics sporting events are still available. Here are some tips for how to get tickets to the Olympics (and Paralympic) sporting events and ceremonies:

Tickets to the 2016 Summer Olympics:

Tickets to events and ceremonies are still available with a wide variety of pricing options. All tickets will be sold in the local currency, Brazilian reads (BRL or R$) or in the currency of the country where they are purchased. Ticket prices range from as low as R$20 for some sporting events to R$4,600 for the best seats at the opening ceremony. Some events that will take place on the streets, such as the road cycling race on August 6 and 7 and the marathon on August 14, can be viewed along their routes for free. More information on free events can be found in the "Great Deals" section.

Tickets are sold for individual events or as part of a ticket package. Sample ticket packages include the qualifiers, semi-finals, unmissable finals, and most popular.

Events in which medals will be awarded are more expensive than other events.

Brazilian residents can buy tickets directly through the Rio 2016 website, but residents of other countries must go through the ATR (Authorized Ticket Reseller) for their country of residence. Click here for a list of ATRs by country.

How to get tickets to the 2016 Olympics from the U.S., U.K., Canada

For U.S., U.K., and Canadian residents, the ATR (Authorised Ticket Reseller) is CoSport. As such, it is given tickets directly from the Olympics organizing body and therefore is the only entity that is authorized to sell individual tickets or ticket packages in Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom. If tickets are purchased through any other entity, there is no guarantee that the tickets will be valid. 

The website allows you to choose the sport that you'd like to buy tickets for and what type of event you'd like to attend. Events marked with a yellow medal symbol include finals and medal ceremonies. In addition, the event details include a description of the event as well as the time, location, and option of choosing the number of tickets you'd like to buy and if you need wheelchair accessible seating. CoSport also sells hotel packages and transfers.

Residents of other countries should find their ATR on this list.

How to get tickets to the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony

At this time, tickets to the opening and closing ceremony through authorized dealers appear to be sold out. Tickets to the ceremonies can be found on other websites, but when a non-ATR website is used, these tickets are not sold directly through the authorized ticket resellers such as CoSport and therefore cannot be guaranteed by Rio 2016.


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