How to Get on the Today Show

Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie appear on NBC News' "Today" show
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The Today Show, formerly known as Today, is one of America's most popular talk shows. It airs on NBC on Monday through Friday at 7-11 a.m. The program started in 1952 and was the first talk show of its kind. In this way, it set the stage for modern American television.

With the Today Show's popularity, many fans line up early in the morning to be part of the on-air audience. If you would like to join the crowd, note that there are no tickets to be on the show. You simply have to leave early and stand outside the Rockefeller Center concourse, where the show is taped.

When to Arrive

The key to being seen on the Today Show is arriving early to stake out a good spot. If you think you can show up at 7 a.m. and be in the front row, then you're mistaken. The security guards say there are already people lined up when they arrive at 6 a.m. So set your alarm extra early to get to the corner of 49th and Rockefeller Center before dawn.

How to Get to the Today Show

Although you can take a cab, you may hit rush-hour traffic, especially around the busy Rockefeller Center area. With this in mind, the subway is probably your best bet. The B/D/F/M stops at 47-50 St.-Rockefeller Center, or there's the N/Q/R/W at 49 St., just a block away.

How to Stand out from the Crowd

Make sure to stay to the southeast corner, so you'll be behind where the anchors sit. It's also important to bring the goofiest sign you can think of as you'll be more likely to get attention. And of course, wear a camera-friendly smile and just enjoy yourself. You want all your friends to see how much fun you're having in New York City!


If you've never been to the Today Show before, there are some insider tips you may want to consider. 

  • Wear comfortable shoes; standing around for hours can get tiresome.
  • Come with your friends. There's nothing better than having fun people with you while you wait.
  • Dress for the weather. You don't want to get up that early and have to leave because you're too cold. In the winter, pack hand warmers and waterproof boots for standing in the snow.
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