How to Travel From Toronto to New York City by Train, Bus, Car, and Plane

TripSavvy / Julie Bang

The Canadian city of Toronto lies around 490 miles (790 kilometers) from the iconic hub of New York City. The two destinations share many similarities with New York being the larger, busier, and more fast-paced of the two. New York sees many visitors from Toronto for both business and pleasure and there are several ways of traveling between the two cities. You can opt to fly, drive or take the train or bus, with flying being the fastest option and bus being the longest yet cheapest way to travel to New York City. No matter how you choose to travel, there’s always something worth seeing and doing in New York City.

  Time Cost Best For
Train 13 hours from $175 Stress-free travel
Flight 90 minutes from $150 Travelers in a hurry
Bus 11-13 hours from $60 People on a budget
Car 8 hours, 40 minutes 490 miles (790 kilometers) A flexible schedule
  • Train: 13 hours, from $175
  • Flight: 90 minutes, from $150
  • Bus: 11-13 hours, 50 minutes, from $60
  • Car: 8 hours, 40 minutes, 490 miles (790 kilometers)

What Is the Cheapest Way to Get From Toronto to New York City?

The bus is the cheapest way to get to New York City with tickets costing around $60 each way. Taking the bus to New York from Toronto can be done via Greyhound or Megabus. Greyhound buses leave from the Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto with arrival at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. Travelers can expect free Wi-Fi and power outlets at every seat. When traveling with Megabus, buses depart from the Toronto Bus Terminal at 610 Bay Street, with arrival at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 27th Street, just a few blocks from Penn Station.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get From Toronto to New York City?

Flying to and from Toronto is the fastest way to travel. The flight takes around 90 minutes, but that does not include time spent getting to and from the airport, checking bags, or clearing security. Major carriers include Air Canada, United, Delta, WestJet and America, all of which depart from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Costs vary by airline and arrival airport but can be found for as low as $150, going up according to seat and class.

Porter Airlines also offers flights between Toronto and New York out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport in downtown Toronto. The airport can be reached via a convenient pedestrian tunnel or a short (90-second) ferry ride. It’s important to note, however, that travelers who fly to New York via Porter will arrive at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), which lies around 16 miles (27 kilometers) from midtown Manhattan. The Newark Airport Express shuttle bus provides service from the airport to several stops in New York City for a cost of around $16.

How Long Does It Take to Drive? 

It takes around 8 hours and 40 minutes to drive from Toronto and New York City. Travel via car can be a good value if you are traveling with a group or with children. However, driving and parking in either city can be a major hassle. The most direct route takes you from downtown Toronto via the I-90 E and I-81 S with a distance of around 490 miles (790 kilometers), passing through Niagara Falls and Buffalo. You can easily turn the journey into a longer road trip by spending a day at Niagara Falls or in Buffalo. Just note that crossing into the United States from Canada can involve long line-ups of cars, depending on the time of day.

How Long Is the Train Ride? 

Taking the train from Toronto to New York City takes around 13-14 hours. Though the trip is a long one, it is a low-stress option. Trains leave from Toronto’s Union Station in the downtown core and pull into New York’s Penn Station. After departing Toronto, stops usually include Aldershot, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo with arrival in New York aboard the Maple Leaf (operated by Amtrak). You can purchase tickets in advance at VIA Rail or Amtrak, or in person at Union Station. Trains offer Wi-Fi onboard and cafe service.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to New York City?

New York City is a popular destination year-round through December is a great time to visit. The weather isn't too cold and the city is full of holiday cheer. Traffic is almost always bad in New York City, especially in Manhattan, but it's best to avoid driving during the morning and evening rush hours when commute times are extra-long.

What’s the Most Scenic Route to New York City?

Driving can offer the best views on a journey to New York City, especially if you chose to stop and explore around Niagara Falls. The train follows a similar path but views of the falls are unlikely.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to New York City?

Canadian citizens don't need a visa to visit New York City. All you'll need is a valid passport.

Can I Use Public Transportation to Travel From the Airport? 

You can take public transportation from all three major NYC-area airports. You can use the airtrain at John F. Kennedy International Airport to connect to the MTA or LIRR trains. Depending on which combination of trains you take and when the journey will cost $10.50-14.50.

To get to the city from Laguardia, you will need to take a M60 SBS, Q70 SBS, Q47, Q72, or Q48 bus and transfer to the subway or LIRR. If you're only using MTA buses and train the journey will cost a little as $2.75. For information about which route is right for you, visit LGA's public transportation page.

To get from Newark airport, take the airtrain to Newark Liberty International Airport Station and then take an NJ Transit train to Manhattan's Penn Station. Tickets for the journey will cost $15.25.

If you have a lot of luggage and would prefer to take a cab or rideshare to your final destination, all three airports can accommodate you.

What Is There to Do in New York City?

There is enough to see and do in New York City to satisfy even the pickiest of travelers. No matter your age or main interest, you’ll find something worthwhile in the Big Apple. The city is home to some of the best museums in the world, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), to the Whitney Museum of American Art and American Museum of Natural History. There’s also the chance to be dazzled by a Broadway show, chill out in Central Park or ride the free ferry to Staten Island for excellent views of the Lower Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. It’s also well worth taking in epic skyline views from the top of the Empire State Building or walking to Brooklyn via the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. New York is also a hotspot for foodies. Choose from world-renowned culinary hotspots and food trucks to buzzy new spots serving creative dishes in unique spaces.