How to Get From Toledo to Seville

Bridge of Plaza Espana in Sevilla , Spain

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Toledo's position to the south of Madrid suggests it would make a perfect stop-off point on the way from Madrid to Seville, particularly as they are both served by the high-speed AVE train. Unfortunately, there are no direct trains or buses from Toledo to Seville, so most people think they have to hire a car. You have two options for getting from Toledo to Seville by public transport:

  1. via MadridTrain all the way, but you have to head north before going south again.
  2. via Ciudad Real: Requires both bus and train.

Cities in Andalusia

The advice on this page is also good for getting from Toledo to Cordoba, as the latter is on the train line to Seville. For Malaga, change in Cordoba. 

The situation is a little difficult for getting from Toledo to Granada: there are buses, but they are infrequent and seasonal.


Frustrating as it may be to travel north before you can go south, the quickest and simplest way of traveling from Toledo to Seville is to go back to Madrid and take the high-speed AVE train from Madrid to Seville. The two trains depart from the same train station, so there is no need to transfer. 

For those on a tighter budget, once back in Madrid, you can take a bus from Madrid to Seville, which is a lot cheaper than the train but takes a lot longer and means you have to change from Madrid train station to the bus station.

Ciudad Real

Traveling from Toledo to Seville via Ciudad Real is the most direct way of traveling between the two cities but it requires using both bus and train. Furthermore, there is little to do in Ciudad Real, so you'll just be using the city as a transfer point.

From Toledo to Ciudad Real, you'll have to take a bus. The bus is run by Aisa Grupo. There are a few different time options and it costs around 10 euros (check the Aisa Grupo website for the most updated schedules). After that, you'll need to take the high-speed train from Ciudad Real to Seville, which requires traveling across Ciudad Real from the bus station to the train station. There are trains throughout the day. The journey takes under one-and-three-quarter hours.

Check departure times before you depart, as they are subject to change. It might be more convenient to stay the night in Ciudad Real, but don't do so unless you have to.

This journey takes just over three hours of travel, plus transfer time.

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