How to Get from Seville to Gibraltar

And Is It Worth It?

Barbary macaque Gibraltar
Barbary macaque, living free on the rock of Gibraltar. fhm / Getty Images

For many visitors to southern Spain, Gibraltar piques their interest, largely because of its monkeys and its historical legacy. But is it worth visiting?

Should You Visit Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is one of those places that's famous just because it's there. It's a big rock that can't be missed when crossing the Straits of Gibraltar and is owned by the United Kingdom because of an agreement between the Spanish and the British in the Treaty of Utrecht. Its mere existence, as the last colony in mainland Europe, is the main reason for people's interest other than its impressive geography.

Gibraltar is not well connected to Seville. There are no trains and the bus only takes you as far as La Linea, the town on the other side of the border. While walking across the border is quite the experience, it's not really possible to visit Gibraltar in a day by public transport. You'll probably have delays at the border (Gibraltar is not in the Schengen zone; see below for more on this) making any visit to Gibraltar itself pretty short if you want to get back to Seville in the same day.

If your reason for visiting Gibraltar is to take the ferry to Morocco, note that you can make the crossing from Tarifa and Algeciras, too.

If you only have a day to spare and are rethinking Gibraltar, consider one of these other great options for ​day trips from Seville.

A Note on Crossing the Border

The Spanish see Gibraltar's position as a British colony as an insult. One justification used to claim Gibraltar should be Spanish is that drugs and other contrabands are smuggled across the border. This leads to long lines at customs as the Spanish officials take their time checking the trunks of passing traffic. These waiting times increase dramatically for political reasons. Our advice: never drive to Gibraltar. Instead, park on the Spanish side and walk across the border.

Also, be aware that Gibraltar is not in the Schengen zone, which means that if you are on a European visa, you may or may not be allowed into Gibraltar. Check with your visa issuing authority before you travel. Also be aware that if you are allowed a limited time in the Schengen zone (it is often set as 90 days out of 180), your limit is not reset by crossing the border into Gibraltar and then coming back again.

How to Get from Gibraltar to Seville by Bus and Train

To go from Gibraltar to Seville by bus, you'll have to walk across the border into the town of La Linea de la Concepción. From there you can get a TG Comes bus to Seville. The journey takes about four hours and costs just over 20 euros. If the TG Comes site is down (which it often is) try booking from ​Movelia instead.

There are no trains to Gibraltar. The nearest train station in Algeciras. You can take a bus to La Linea de la Concepción (the Spanish town on the other side of the border) from Algeciras, but it might just be easier to head straight to La Linea by bus to avoid making another transfer.

How to Get from Gibraltar to Seville by Car

The 200 kilometer drive from Gibraltar to Seville takes about two hours and 15 minutes. Follow the A-381 towards Jerez and then take the AP-4 to Seville. Note that some of these roads are toll roads. Learn more about ​renting a car in Spain.

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