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Rome to Milan Transportation Tips

Milan Central Station
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Milan is 358 miles north of Rome. Italy's largest international airports are in Rome and Milan so travelers often need to get between these cities quickly. Here are tips to help you travel easily between the cities of Rome and Milan.

How to Get from Rome to Milan by Train

Frequent trains run between Rome Termini and Milano Centrale train stations. A few fast trains also leave from Roma Tiburtina station.

The fast Frecciarossa trains make the trip from Rome to Milan in as little as 2 hours, 55 minutes although some take longer. Intercity (IC) trains take 6 hours, 40 minutes but cost much less. You'll need to reserve a seat but you don't need to change trains to get between Rome and Milan. Trains leave from early morning (currently 6 AM) until about 8:20 PM. Later solutions and other routes require a change of train in at least one station.

You can check current Rome to Milan schedules and ticket prices on the Trenitalia website. People in the US may find it easier and more convenient to buy tickets ahead of time through Select Italy - go to Select Italy train tickets page to make reservations and buy tickets direct.

Italy's privately owned high-speed rail line, Italo, also offers train service from Rome's Ostiense and Tiburtina stations (not Termini) to Milan's Porta Garibaldi station (not Centrale).

How to Get from Milan Train Station to Milan Airports or Milan Historic Center

Airport shuttle buses found outside the train station run directly to Milan's two airports (be sure to get on the right bus - Malpensa or Linate. Milan's metro system connects the train station to other parts of Milan. See a Milan Transportation Map for more about the metro and airport transportation.

Flying to and from Milan Airports

Milan has two airports, the larger Milan Malpensa with many international flights and the smaller Milan Linate with flights mainly from other parts of Italy and Europe. Buses connect both airports with Milan central train station and trains also run directly from Malpensa to Milan train stations.

There are flights between Rome and Milan airports but when comparing time and cost with train travel, keep in mind that you'll need transportation to and from the airports so unless you're starting at one of the airports, flying is probably not a good choice.

Driving Between Rome and Milan

If you are traveling by car, the A1 autostrada runs between Rome and Milan and the trip can be made in about 5 1/2 hours. Driving in Rome and Milan is not recommended, however, and the city centers are off limits to non-resident drivers. If you're arriving by car, try to choose a hotel that has parking and is not in the historic center.

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