How to Get From Lisbon to Seville

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Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and an excellent first stop on a journey to visit the Andalusian province's capital city of Seville in Spain. Fortunately, Lisbon is located just 400 kilometers (250 miles) from Seville, making travel between the two major cities on the Iberian peninsula relatively easy.

After you're done experiencing the culture of Lisbon, you'll want to head to Seville, which offers an entirely different currency and culture, serving as the center of government for the autonomous southernmost region of Spain.

Because of the relatively close distance between Lisbon and Seville, there are several ways to get between them, including by bus, plane, train, and car. However, the best way to really experience the most of your trip is to drive between them and take in some other cities and sights along the way.

How to Get From Lisbon to Seville

The Best Way to Get There

Setting out from Lisbon by car, you'll want to head east toward the Portuguese city of Evora before continuing eastward to the Spanish city of Mérida then south toward Seville. The entire journey will take about five hours driving, but you'll want to plan an extra day or two for your trip if you truly want to enjoy these additional cities.

Evora is the capital of Portugal's Alentejo wine region and also has some great Roman ruins as well, and Mérida has Spain's best-preserved Roman ruins with an amphitheater in such good condition that local actors still put on performances there.

Although the "coastal" route sounds nice, there are no major highways close enough to Portugal's coast to really see anything and no major cities to experience along the way. However, if you have several weeks to complete your journey, this may be a preferred route for someone trying to get a small taste of the local culture of this southwestern region of Portugal.

Other Means of Transportation

The most direct way to get between Lisbon and Seville by public transit options is through the bus services run by ALSA. The bus route from Lisbon to Seville takes seven-and-a-half hours, and ALSA also runs buses from Lisbon to Evora, Evora to Mérida, and Mérida to Seville if you want to see the same cities as you would by driving without renting a car for yourself.

Unfortunately, there are no trains directly from Lisbon to Seville, but if you have a rail pass and prefer to travel by train, there are trains from Lisbon to Madrid and from Lisbon to Salamanca, which both offer train service to Seville (from Spain). Alternatively, you can take a train from Lisbon to Faro then take a bus from Faro to Seville.

There are cheap flights from Lisbon to Seville (with TAP Portugal), and the flight only takes one hour. This is the most convenient way to get between Seville and Lisbon but is still more expensive than the other two. Additionally, you entirely miss out on all the sights between these two old cities by flying over them.

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